Thursday, 9 July 2015

Mike Thompson

This week was my father's funeral. The last couple of weeks have been a bit odd as a result, but I have found out some things about my dad that are really impressive. One of the things I found was the details of the entry exam he would have had to pass to join P Company/ 7 RHA. You can see the fitness requirements here:

I am currently nowhere near fit enough to do this, but that is something I am going to change. In a years time I am going to try to do the same physical tests for charity. I haven't worked out how or where yet, I figure the first part is to get fit enough to do it. My first bench mark for it is this: a 10k with obstacles run in September, so please consider sponsoring me for that run. Alternately if I have reached my very modest sponsorship goal please consider giving to the RNLI or Stroke association both of which had meaning to my Dad.       

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Cannakale NPCs

The ID DM has some DMG previews that talk about generating memorable NPC’s. So I thought I would take it and apply it to some of the NPC’s in Cannakale. Here they are with more to follow :

Some of the secrets and useful knowledges are in white to prevent them from being easy for my players to see. Highlight the entries to see them.

Dianakous - Elf, Noble, (originally played by Matt) Cleric of Hades. Town Legate.
Talent: Draws beautifully.
Mannerism:  Speaks very carefully
Interaction with others: Acts friendly
Useful Knowledge: Knows a secret way into level 3, and some of Hades Plans.
Ideal: Greed
Bond: Loyalty to the Church of Hades and his uncle
Flaw: secretly believes everyone is beneath him.

Pennicus - Trader. Weasly skinny, little bit whiney, rubs hands together. WantsaAdventurers to find a route down to the dungeon market on Level 2. Has a bunch of books for sale.
Talent: He is a skilled actor,
Mannerism: Talks around the subject all the time
Interaction with others:
Useful Knowledge:
Ideal: is a trade empire surpassing boundaries of normal countries
Bond: Will keep his trading house’s secret.
Flaw: Arrogance
Secret: His trading house has ended up with the Golden skull and he wants to sell it back to the Temple of Elemental evil.

Rasmus - Severed Head on Level 2. Sarcastic. Bitter about being cursed. Knowledgable. Liar.

Etcetera. Goblin spy. No one is sure what he really looks like.
Talent: Actor and “master of disguise”
Interaction with others: Curious,
Useful Knowledge: He knows where the goblin king has gone.     
Ideal: Whimsical
Bond: Captivated by his romantic interest in Mouse.
Flaw: He is a goblin, and therefore is a personification of a bad idea.

Frances Gottlestotch. Skinny but always well dressed, immaculately clean, Bar keep
Talent: great at throwing darts.
Mannerism: Prone to predictions of doom
Interaction with others: Gruff
Useful Knowledge: Asura’s secret.
Ideal: Might
Bond: Protective of the town.
Flaw:  Is a serial killer, usually controls himself at home (do not shit in thy own nest) goes for young men with big egos  

Asura, Slim and boyish figure, big gold brown eyes long black hair, wears simple dresses, barmaid      
Talent: Skilled dancer
Mannerism: Whispers
Interaction with others: Quiet
Useful Knowledge: See secret.
Ideal: Redemption
Bond: Out for revenge
Flaw: Secret Crime or misdeed.
Secret:  Actually a male vampire hiding from his sire. Real name is Asher

Areobindus  Big guy, potbellied, balding, builder (working on the orphanage), Wants to write a novel, lacks drive    
Talent: talented writer
Mannerism: prone to singing, whistling or humming.
Interaction with others: Hot tempered
Useful Knowledge: TBD
Ideal: Respect
Bond: Protective of orphans and children
Flaw: overpowering greed.

Beppolenus slightly twitchy. always seems a little bit stoned, really likes adventurers and comes to all the carousing (if he is invited or not), Farmer. Wants to be an adventurer and will be, damn it, the moment the apothecary gets the mix right on his pills    
Talent: expert carpenter
Mannerism: Twitchy
Interaction with others: Ponderous
Useful Knowledge: Knows what is in the basement of the House of Fragrant Dreams.
Ideal: No limits
Bond: Really fond of adventurers and loves what has happened to the town.
Flaw: Always seems slightly stoned.
Secret: Is being drugged by Marsheed because he knows about the stuff in the basement of the House of Fragrant dreams.

Helius, Human male looks like Pete Postlethwaite fisherman. Saving up for a bigger ship, wants to be a trader, and then lead a trading fleet.    
Talent: Great with animals
Mannerism: Paces
Interaction with others: Friendly
Useful Knowledge: Has clues about any coastal location on the map.
Ideal: Greater good
Bond: Dedicated to fulfilling his personal life goal and protective of his boat.
Flaw: Prone to rage

Charito, dreadlocks, half cast, pockmarked skin. female half elf, smells odd, Alchemist / Herbalist    
Talent: expert cook
Mannerism: Twirls/tugs on dreads
Interaction with others: Honest
Useful Knowledge: Used to be a druid knows things about the local druid cults.
Ideal: Life
Bond: out for revenge
Flaw/ Secret: Was a druid of the blackwood that used to worship the elements but managed to figure out how not to turn into an elemental, is hiding out in town to try and teach more of the druids.   

Bruno, Big (for a halfling) burly and threatening, halfling mafia leg breaker    
Talent: Perfect memory
Mannerism: Bites fingernails
Interaction with others: Rude
Useful Knowledge:
Ideal: Tradition
Bond: Protective of colleagues
Flaw: Envies others freedoms
Secret: Is working for them to pay off his brothers debts   

Marsheed a middle aged, Human, thin, smells odd, Owner of the House of Fragrant Dreams  
Talent: Knows thieves cant.
Mannerism: Chews something
Interaction with others: Suspicious
Useful Knowledge: can and will make poisons, and less savory alchemical mixtures.
Ideal: Independance
Bond: Drawn to a special place (his shop)
Flaw: He is very jaded
Secret: Functionally immortal he is waiting for the jailor of the things beneath his shop.

Francis, Gnome, with buggy eyes, Ex-bandit turned informant, Was spared by adventurers including Iola and Orien has turned into an informant and general hanger on at the arena.
Talent: Expert juggler, Good with badgers.
Mannerism: Excited.
Interaction with others: Enthusiastic.
Useful Knowledge: Knows where the hideout of the bandits operating on level 1 is.
Ideal: Aspiration
Bond: Loyal to his pet badger.  
Flaw: Foolhardy bravery

Torendil - Elf  - Noble - Former high priest of Hades, Dianakous’ uncle. Went a bit wrong during his sisters time in charge.
Talent: Great at solving puzzles
Mannerism: uses colorful oaths and exclamations.
Interaction with others: Arrogant.
Useful Knowledge: TBD
Ideal: People
Bond: Loyal to his family
Flaw: Has a powerful enemy

Thursday, 6 November 2014

20 Questions for Troy

Nano is going well and I am currently only a little bit behind word count but I’m keeping up ok. Feel free to add me, I am Davetrollkin on the NaNo site. Also, follow my progress here:

This post is inspired once more by this post from Jeff Rients (and by being a quick way to add to my word count):

Here are 20 Questions for Troy and the larger Thracia setting.

  1. What is the deal with my cleric's religion?
The most common clerics in the area worship the Greek Pantheon from the back of the DnD Next PHB. However all the mythical pantheons are active in the world to one degree or another so, if you are from a distant land you can follow that pantheon. The Celtic, Egyptian and Norse pantheons are the most common alternatives.

  1. Where can we go to buy standard equipment?
There is a general goods (recently rebranded as Adventuring goods) store in town run by Gremag (a thin waspish man) and Rannos Davl (a fat, clumsy and abrasive man). The dungeon market on level 2 also has a “Secondhand Adventuring gear” stall run by a dark dwarf.

  1. Where can we go to get platemail custom fitted for this monster I just befriended?
Formosos the Blacksmith in Canakale is excellent at most armour smithing. However full-plate is only made by dwarven followers of Hephaestus (some of whom live in the dungeons under Troy).

  1. Who is the mightiest wizard in the land?
There is a chap named Merlin in Breton. The Master of the Diviners Guild is pretty high up but his name is shrouded in secrets. The Headmaster of the University in Alexandria also a contender.

  1. Who is the greatest warrior in the land?
Good question.

  1. Who is the richest person in the land?
Dianakous the Legate is making a shit ton of money taxing adventurers that emerge from the dungeons but no one is sure where that money is going.

  1. Where can we go to get some magical healing?
Charito the Alchemist sells healing potions and other cure alls. The less reputable House of Fragrant Dreams also offers a selection of potions including some healing ones. The temple in town has some low level acolytes and Dianakous is a powerful cleric (if you are willing to accept the blessings of Hades)

  1. Where can we go to get cures for the following conditions: poison, disease, curse, level drain, lycanthropy, polymorph, alignment change, death, undeath?
Dianakous is your best bet. Otherwise it would need a trip to Constantinople.

  1. Is there a magic guild my Magic User belongs to or that I can join in order to get more spells?
There are guilds across the failing Roman empire for each of the colleges of magic. The most influential is the Diviners Guild:  There is also a massive university connected to the library at Alexandria.

  1. Where can I find an alchemist, sage or other expert NPC?
Valthrun the Sage has a short tower on the outskirts of Cannakale. Charito is an odd looking ex-druid who runs an apothecary in town.

  1. Where can I hire mercenaries?
A bunch of hirelings and hhugs hang around the arena. The next town East Bandimar also has a reputation for ne’er-do-wells so might be a good place to hire unscrupulous thugs.

  1. Is there any place on the map where swords are illegal, magic is outlawed or any other notable hassles from Johnny Law?
Clerics and priests are outlawed in Constantinople.

  1. Which way to the nearest tavern?
The old half finished arena in Cannakale has been converted into an Adventurer's Tavern. It has the old table map and the dungeon loot scoreboard.

  1. What monsters are terrorizing the countryside sufficiently that if I kill them I will become famous?
The undead lords of levels in Troy. A beholder lairs somewhere in the thracian mountains. A white dragon (far from home) is occasionally seen over the Black Wood mountains. Something has made a lair (and a lake) out of the former site of the Temple of Elemental Evil.

  1. Are there any wars brewing I could go fight in?
Yes. The Empire has campaigns of conquest in Gaul, The germanic forests and Breton. Meanwhile closer to home Greece has fallen back to petty kingdoms at war with each other.

  1. How about gladiatorial arenas complete with hard-won glory and fabulous cash prizes?
The hippodrome in Constantinople is apparently the biggest and most prestigious in the world.
The colosseum in rome is still running games even while the rest of the city falls apart.
While in Gaul the largest arena outside of Rome has recently been finished in Lutetia (Paris).

  1. Are there any secret societies with sinister agendas I could join and/or fight?
Yes. Most of the Gods have a mystery cult. There is supposedly a titan cult operating in secret in the town. Rumours point to the emperor being in league with the Temple of Elemental Evil.

  1. What is there to eat around here?
Rations? Seafood. Plenty of wine.

  1. Any legendary lost treasures I could be looking for?
Relics of the gods and fragments of the palladium are secreted throughout Troy. Along with hoards of treasure.

  1. Where is the nearest dragon or other monster with Type H treasure?
Troy or see monsters terrorising the countryside above.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Random Ghost Table

One of these is a ghost.

I have decided to use NanoWrimo as an incentive to get the entire dungeon finished!

In the mean time i’m using Gygaxian democracy to make a table of random ghosts for my Troy Megadungeon. I’m looking for 3 sentences for each ghost; Who they were in life, How they died, How they escaped Hades.

Ideally i want about half Trojan war casualties and half other people who ended up in hades (people who died in the old Thracia campaign for example).

I stuck this request on Facebook to start with and got an amazing list of people who died in the Iliad and Odyssey from Everwalker. Now i’m looking to fill the rest of the list with Adventurer types to round out the selection. Drop your dead guy ideas in the comments.

Random Ghost Table

and a list of cool dead guys from the area.

  1. Elpenor, companion of Odysseus, who sailed away from Troy with him to Circe's island, climbed up onto the roof of the witch's house whilst drunk and broke his neck falling off it when he missed the ladder. Escaped Hades when Odysseus opened a rift (via sacrifice) to seek the guidance of Tiresias.
  2. Aias (aka Telemonian Aias), spear captain under Agamemnon, who was killed when the Trojans rushed the ships. Escaped Hades when ditto.
  3. Adrestos, a Trojan charioteer, who was captured by Menelaos and due to be ransomed until Agamemnon threw a hissy fit about not ransoming any soldiers back and stabbed him in the side.
  4. Elphenor, a Greek soldier, who was stabbed with a spear whilst bending down to strip the armour off a corpse (on the front line in the middle of battle, so kind of asking for it).
  5. The brothers Phegeus and Idaios, charioteers and sons of a priest of Hephaistos. Phegeus threw a spear at Diomedes (Greek) and missed. Diomedes threw it back and didn't miss. Idaios tried to catch his brother before he fell under the wheels of the chariot, overbalanced, and they both fell to their deaths.
  6. Gannikus the Gladiator. Devoured by drowned one zombies on the shores of the sea. Escaped the underworld by winning a dead gladiator pit fight.
  7. Phereklos, the Trojan ship builder, who'd built the ship that Alexander used to steal Helen. He was stabbed by a spear 'in the right buttock, and the spearhead drove straight on and passing under the bone went into the bladder.' He died.
  8. Tlepolemos, Herakles' son (so Greek), challenged Sarpedon, King of the Lykians (Hektor's friend and ally) to a duel. He got stabbed in the throat, but managed to break Sarpedon's leg as he fell.
  9. Akamas, a Trojan captain and 'best of the Thracians', who was killed by Aias hitting the horn on his helmet so hard that the horn went through into his skull.
  10. Teukros, Aias' half-brother and a Greek archer, who killed tons of Trojans and then tried to shoot Hektor. Hektor objected, and hit him in the throat with a rock.
  11. Dolon, a Trojan scout, who went out spying on the Greek lines during the night. Unfortunately he ran into Diomedes, who had gone out to spy on the Trojan lines during the night. Diomedes ran him down, using throwing spears to shepherd him into a dead end. Dolon gave him tons of information in the hope his life would be spared. Then Diomedes cut his head off.
  12. Agathe - a 12 year old girl with a lisp. Once a resident of Troy who was Bound for priesthood, she was killed fleeing the temples when Troy was sacked. Can cry on demand and likes toys.
  13. Big Nose the Goblin, Killed by Faroque.
  14. Douvan Stohl Gnome Archeologist. Cause of death unknown. Spirit summoned by a Hag and released into the dungeon.
  15. Anaxagoras, a vain, arrogant, ageing bard. Poisoned by a young rival. Escaped by having his spirit form smuggled out in an Iron Flask to escape the notice of Cerberus and then used all his charm and well-learned politesse on Charon to get him carried back across the river.
  16. Ghost of the Keymaster in Human form "I am Vinz, Vinz Clortho, Keymaster of Gozer...Volguus Zildrohoar, Lord of the Seboullia. are you the Gatekeeper?" "You will perish in flame! Soon as I find the Gatekeeper."
  17. Ghost of Zuul the Gatekeeper in Human form. “We must prepare for the coming of Gozer” “Are you the keymaster?”
  18. Ares - killed by Athene - very annoyed... escaped when Hades wasnt looking... still annoyed hes a ghost and not a god... hates everyone... (at least that is what he claims)
  19. Ilium - The ghost of the spirit of the City itself. Remanent of all the souls that died when the city was sacked. Sent out by Hades to serve his purposes. (again he looks like a guy not a city)

I also have an updated Scoreboard with the players rocketing to the top after a fantastic haul from 2 stashes of treasure.


Dudes of Righteousness
Found a secret stash and The Arch of Greed. (player party)
The Sons of Men
Went straight down to level 3 on their First delve. Have not been seen for 3 weeks. Still missing.

The Lamenters
Found a cache on Level 2 after following a treasure map. Lost all of their Hirelings and their wizard got bitten in half by spiders on level 3. Went down to the Centaur races, came back without Alice but with a good haul.

The Iron Crows
Snuck into the centaur race on level 4 and made away with a race prize. played it safe this week found some stuff on level 2. Went down to level 3 West have not returned

The Strangers
Went down to the north section of level 3 and got lost but came back with a massive pile of treasure.

The Celts
New Party from Gaul and Breton.

The Disciples
All Clerics or divine casters, apparently using divinations to find treasure.
Higgins’ Heroes
Got some good loot but lost 3 guys to Zombies after they were trapped behind a Portcullis. Now looking for recruits or hirelings. Tried to go back into the North side of the first level but have not come back.


Are you running D&D? Want to stick your group on the scoreboard? Drop their details (party name,  level, composition and total loot gained from adventuring so far) and I will add them as more adventurers flock to the mega dungeon.