Friday, 25 October 2013

6 Session DnD-ish campaign.

Inspired by Cthulhu being in the Pathfinder Bestiary 4 (it’s out this week!) I came up with this short campaign idea while selling it to my customers. I’ll probably run it either after I have Played Everything I own or else run each adventure in a different system and use it to tick 6 RPG’s off my list. This would also work as a one level per adventure Campaign for 13th Age by adding an adventure about each of your characters into the mix.  The plan would be as follows:

1st adventure
3rd ish level in Pathfinder, (1st level in 13th age). Cultists kidnap PC (maybe a player who can’t make the first session)/ loved one/contact/person about to reveal the plot etc. Players go on to investigate in a city and fight in short dungeon under/above/as part of a less well known part of a city.  This could be catacombs, dungeons, rooftop thieves area, the Shades style dubious quarter, a maze etc. Players man up and gain contacts, allies and a better understanding of their local home.

2nd adventure
6th ish level. Clues or cut scenes lead to one of the many towns full of fish men on the sea shore type adventures. Fish man leader/human contact is one PC’s Father.  This could be obvious from a PC’s heritage or maybe explain any foreshadowing I’ve put in from previously in the adventure e.g. PC falls in a well but is able to survive longer, not great with sunshine etc. Players adventure and gain allies.

3rd adventure
9th ish level. From an end of last/beginning of this adventure reveal, it turns out cultists are in charge of something important.  A PC’s contact (from the first adventure?) tells them that some massive authority figure (leader of the city from the first adventure) is actually a cultist and the PCs will go and fight that person/creature etc. At end of session one PC is put in charge of the thing. Players kit up and go and save the city.

4th Adventure
12th ish level. From interrogating the baddie in the last session or his minions and clues the PCs find, it turns out cult also has backing of rival nation! This means War! What is it good for? A DnD adventure! Go recruit monstrous allies, perform devils bargains then pull out the square bases for a big battle! Players ally up and go and save the country.
This could be alluded to in previous adventures where people in foreign colours are wandering around or maybe a treaty is being worked on, or all the treasure turn up in foreign minted coins.  

5th adventure
15th ish level. Turns out while there was a big distracting war the leaders of the other country /cult sacrificed loads of people in a big ritual to summon a giant monster (like Cthulhu). Bad giant things base turns up (Moon gets closer, Island rises from beneath the sea, Volcano erupts. Destroying players home base for maximum emotional involvement).  Players deal with this problem and have to go back into first dungeon from campaign where secret chamber has opened revealing Zords/magic weapons/powerful dead guys etc. Players gain awesome special moves and go and save the world.

6th adventure
18th -20th level (add mythic or epic levels from the cool toys they got last time)
Go to Giant Monster’s secret lair and fight them.  Players gain enlightenment, death and maybe go to create their own city, kingdom, world or cult!

Friday, 18 October 2013

Starting Campaigns

These are a bunch of setting and campaign tools that I have stolen from a bunch of games that I want to use at the start of my next Campaign to make sure all the characters are tied to the world.

One Unique Thing. stolen from 13th Age. A great idea that gives the players a strong influence on the game.

Anchors/ Aspects/ Icons: Stolen from 13th Age and Fate the idea of these is a short phrase that is about your character. Anchors ties that phrase to a person or place. In 13th Age I make each player make up a Face for that relationship, the person in the Icon’s organisation that they are most likely to interact with regularly.

Dime Novels. Stolen from Fate. Each player writes a short paragraph about an adventure they had on the way to the campaign. Then everyone swaps them around and adds a line about how they helped or made it more complicated. Then do it again. This way each Character knows at least 2 others and they have a short shared history. (The fate PDF’s are available as pay what you want at this link they are well worth taking a look at.)

Everyone makes up one other NPC (or rolls one at random) and one place (again the alternative is to roll one). This way everyone starts with at least one contact that they can go and ask for information or a favor, or can be used as an adventure hook.

The where do you come from stuff. I wrote a post of this for my 13th Age game and that post was inspired by this one from Playing Dnd with Pornstars.

Relationship map. Then I take all the NPC’s and places generated by the above ideas and stick them on a map. A but like Noisms post here. Then add a bunch more lines so the people all the characters know might also know each other.

What do you do at the start of a campaign?

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Playing Every Game I own by the end of the Year.

Posts have been a little on the light/ non-existent side over here while I have been moving house and sorting some stuff out. However we are now moved in to a new place. We have some shelves up and some games on shelves and are making good inroads into sorting the place out.

One of the things I thought of as I was unpacking my many games is how seldom I play some of them, then I thought about how cool it would be to play all of them!

So that is my new plan, in December by the end of the year I will play every game I own.

The first thing I need to do to be able to do it is to make a list of every game I own and then make sure there are enough hours in December the year to do so. I might also arrange a mini games convention in the new place in December to help play them all!

All the games I own, (That I can remember right now)
  1. Ascension Deckbuilding game
  2. Battle Lore
  3. Bang
  4. Go,
  5. Mah Jong
  6. Cards; Crib, Poker
  7. Dominos
  8. Carcassonne
  9. Apples to Apples
  10. Cash n’ Guns
  11. Descent
  12. Dominion
  13. Talisman (it’s K8’s but should go on the list)
  14. The AD&D Trivia Game (I should throw this out)
  15. Three Dragon Ante
  16. The Duke (This is Natalies so I might be able to get away without it)
  17. Settlers of Catan, Rivals for Catan,
  18. Ticket to Ride Europe
  19. Frag Gold edition
  20. Order of the Stick boardgame (I might leave this one set up and play it over the course of the month to get it finished)
  21. World of Warcraft collectible miniatures game (again I might get rid of this before I start)
  22. Villa Paletti
  23. Zombie Dice
  24. Dragon Dice
  25. Love Letter
  26. Castle Panic (This belongs to Mike I should give it back)
  27. Fury of the Clansmen
  28. Dobble
  29. Cockroach poker
  30. Munchkin
  31. Wings of War
  32. Cthulhu Fluxx
  33. Jungle Speed
  34. Doctor Who Card Game
  35. Shadows over Camelot (The Recent Tabletop about this was great)
  36. The Pathfinder Card Game
  1. 13th Age
  2. Dungeons and Dragons (Any edition probably Next)
  3. Pathfinder
  4. D20 Varients: Arcana Evolved, Spycraft,
  5. Lamentations of the Flame Princess
  6. Shadowrun
  7. Numenera
  8. Savage Worlds, Deadlands, 50 Fathoms, Hell on Earth,
  9. Deadlands
  10. Rune RPG
  11. Feng Shui RPG
  12. Mouse Guard, Burning Wheel, Burning Empires
  13. Fate, Spirit of the Century, Dresden Files,
  14. Fighting Fantasy
  15. Warhammer Fantasy RPG
  16. Star Wars Edge of the Empire RPG, Star Wars Saga RPG
  17. Leverage
  18. Dark Heresy
  19. Smallville
  20. Eleventh Doctor RPG
  21. The One Ring Rpg
  22. Exalted
  23. Iron Kingdoms
  24. Heroswars/ Heroquest
  25. Over the Edge Rpg
  26. Weapons of the Gods
  27. Gumshoe, Night's Black Agents, Trail of Cthulhu, Esoterrorists, Mutant City Blues
  28. Cthlhutech RPG
  29. Qin the warring states
  30. Dread RPG, Jenga
  1. Warmachine, Hordes,
  2. Warhammer fantasy battles (I might not actually own rules for this, and I would have to improvise Armies.)
  3. Battletech
  4. Arcane Legions
  5. Full Thrust
  6. Mobile Frame Zero
Card Games
  1. Magic the Gathering
  2. Legend of the Five Rings (War of Honour) CCG and RPG
Other Games
  1. Killer

I will no doubt need much assistance to accomplish this so if you would like to play or run one of the above games let me know. Also feel free to fill the comments with the number of these games you own.

The very talented Dr Bradbeer had this to say when I posited the idea on Stalker Book:

“One or two board games/CCG a day is plausible, as long as you don't mind the risk of the girls strangling you by the end of the month. The wargames too if you're prepared to give up weekends. Adding in the RPGs is insanity.

UNLESS, you got people to write you one-encounter RPG campaigns with a pregen character and a total time limit of half an hour or so, which you then played, by Facetime if necessary, one a day or so. That might be a pretty cool project. I'd be up for helping.

OR, Crisis in Infinite Timelines, where you create a character without stats, who then hops from game setting to game setting, a new one every day, for a new encounter....”

So If you want to make an short adventure/encounter for one of the games above let me know!