Thursday, 6 June 2013

13 NPC's for 13th Age

Today I weigh 14 stone 4lbs. So far I have lost 4 lbs this week. I intend to skip my binge day this weekend and have a Ninjitsu Seminar on Saturday morning.

Here are 13 NPC’s from my 13th Age game. All inspired by my Characters Backgrounds, One Unique Things or Icon relationships. They are already known to one or two of the Characters, though not all of them have turned up in game.

Each of them should also have a Secret and a Motivation but I haven't filled in all of them either because the players don’t already know them or I haven't decided on them yet.. Feel free to pitch in some suggestions for them in the comments.

Hacari Circlesailer - Pirate Captain with Demonic summoning circle from the ship The Circle. The Party discovered his summoning circle on a trip to New Port and Gribnez used it to Summon a Demon named Pimomasiel. (fun Fact I decided what sort of Demon Pimomasiel was by showing the player who knows least about Dnd models from my Demon section of the Figure box and getting her to pick one she liked. It made the players that knew what they each were twitch a lot.)
Secret: He is a Servant of the Diabolist and his Ship is powered by Demons not by the wind.

George - The Dretch. A lesser demon granted to Hacari Circlesailer Captain of the ship The Circle.

Deneth Serassalion - Elf - Magical item forgery creator in Newport. The Party broke into his warehouse and when he turned up (alerted by his alarm Spell) They convinced him he was being punked. He has connections in both The Tower and with people that need fake magic items (Often the Prince of Shadows).
Motivation: as it related to the PC’s inflict minor revenge upon them for fooling him.
Secret: He makes Fake magic items for a living.

Sir Altariel A High Elven Paladin,

Scorning the Courtly intrigue and deceit of the The Elven Court, Altariel is a soul without Guilt. She has a very straight forward approach to all problems.  
She will typically turn up having heard about a character getting a reward or (a 6) from the great Gold Dragon and will either want to pledge her aid to that Character or to get their aid with something she cannot defeat on her own.

She may also turn up having been conned of all her belongings by a follower of the prince of Shadows and want the players help either getting them back or getting re kitted.

Hurggleeee Sauhaguin Pirate
Located in the Fangs or the Midland Sea
Unable to return to the Midland Sea by order of the empire he has become a dry skinned scourge of shipping. With the help of Lorret a wizard out of favor with the archmage he has twisted the magic of the edict to literally prevent him from returning to the sea, He is under a constant water walking effect. He can extend his water walking to an area, becalming ships etc.

His Scaly skin is dry and cracked, stats as a Shaguin with some class abilities. Immune to any water effect. His Crits also destroy potions.

Secret:  Motivation: Kill landlubbers, end the edict preventing Monsters from being in the Midland Sea.

Lorret a Dwarf Wizard out of favor with the Archmage.
Works out of shadowport doing minor rituals and cantrips for less reputable people.
Secret: Massive Gambling Debts that have been bought out by the Prince of Shadows.
Why is he out of favor: He was responsible for the failure of a massive ritual that was the culmination of at least a years work.  Motivation: Get out of all this trouble and get away with it all.

Jasper’s Background inspired NPC’s

Ratgog - Orc - Co Conspirator in Jaspers rebellion that ended up better off.
Located in Axis. He was sentenced to fight in Gladiatorial Games and Quickly earned the love of the Crowds. He has been lucky so far and keeps winning his games.

Hrert - Dwarf - Co Conspirator in Jaspers rebellion that ended up worse off.
Located in Axis
He was sentenced to be a foot soldier in the great wargames of Axis forced to trudge through the motions of war seemingly endlessly.
Desperately wants to escape and to do so has turned to darker powers.

ORDER - Warforged that broke up Jasper’s rebellion he is an imperial Investigator located in Axis.
Secret: Hates all the fleshies like a follower of The Lord of Blades form Eberron but shows it by messing them up using the laws.
Motivation: As Secret.

Fallenbridge - Human - The mystic that mentally connected Jasper to the Great Gold Wyrm.
Located at the Edge of the Red Wastes near the ruins of the Golden Citadel.
(I’m going to use Carcosa for the Red Wastes and swapping out the multi coloured men with Dnd monsters like this.)

Ethereblah - High Elf
Girbniz’s contact in the Elven court, magical researcher and affiliated with the section of her court who thought that Gribnez would be the next big thing, quite disappointed in her.
Recently has been assigned to manage the fallout of Gribnez having been the Lord of the Wild Hunt..

Apocalyptica - Tiefling - Ash’s Wife and Matthias’ half Sister.
In love with Ash due to a Potion of Love, Daughter of the Diabolist,
(I have these but they haven't come up in play so they are in white text, Highlight to reveal)
Secret: Never actually drank the love potion
Motivation: Wants Ash to look past her heritage and love her, he seems to manage to get on with her brother.

Dungarth Azsura - Asamir Wizard.
The Tower’s ( A spy Organisation working for the Archmage) Agent in Newport. Thinks Matthias is a troublemaker, overtly because of thier respective Heritages.
Secret: ?
Motivation: ?