Monday, 25 November 2013

More ways to use Icon Relationships

In my This is Thracia Campaign I made great use of the Party like it’s 999 table from Jeff Rients, a Rumour table and Random Encounters. In 13th Age you can get a lot of the same results using Icon relationship rolls with the advantage of them already being about something your layers care about (at least in theroy as they put the points in that icon relationship).

So here are some things I’m going to use Icon relationships to do in my Red Wastes Game:

Either about the Warband that corresponds to the Icon rolled in the Ruins of the Golden Citadel  or the location of nearest settlement with the appropriate relationship on the Red Wastes map with some sort of Hook for what is going on there.

Example Rumours: (that use up a bunch of my players outstanding Icon relationship rolls)

Unrest has started in the Town ruled by The Resplendent Gemstone.
This is being caused by sleeper agents working for Hale and Lynch (Agent Provocateurs who the party handed over to The Tower, The Archmage’s secret police, several session ago) It isn’t the only town it is happening in across the Empire.

The Three:
The Black Dragon whose mate was killed by adventures has been gathering allies in the lakes of the western end of the Jungle to assault their fortress. [Player Chooses an NPC] said he saw it flying towards the ruins of the Golden Citadel.

The Three (Positive) or The Great Gold Wyrm:
Dinosaur Clerics are trying to capture Dragons to regress them to a Holy Dinosaur state. They have a village south of the town rules by The Splendorous Gemstone and north of the jungle.

Prince of Shadows:
The “Merchants” that turned up looking for Meldryn are actually a mobile thieves guild that do loads of work for Draco Emporium. You might be able to buy them off with Meldryn’s remains.

The Diabolist:
A Demon Hunter is hunting nearby! His name is Carnago and he is famed for making Demons fight other Demons. (On a 5 he is probably hunting Matthias or Ash for leverage on their relatives)

The Elf Queen:
The political rift caused by the emergence of the Lord of the Wild hunt has spread from the Queens Court. Elves across the land are having conflicting dreams and choosing sides.

The Dwarf King:
Many of the elite Living Dungeon hunters of the Dwarf King have been going missing... some of them have turned up again later riding living dungeons and covered in Demonic blessings and grafts.

The Orc Lord:
Shamans have been leading bands of Orcs across the empire stealing Ritual Reagents for some powerful magical working. Some say they are still searching for a key part of the ritual.

The Archmage:
Horizon is up in arms because of A Spell Called Catherine.

The High Druid:
The Wild Hunt has been unleashed! If it can be turned against the bounds of civilisation then the power of the wilderness can only grow. Many followers of the High Druid are seeking The Wild Hunt either to join it or turn it against her enemies.

Roll your Icon relationships...
1-4: You escape. Phew!
5: Uh oh Wandering Monster or Trap messes you up! Roll on one of the tables linked above.
6: Hey Cool, Treasure! Roll on the random treasure table.

Carousing Mishaps. a 5 with the prince of Shadows or the Dwarf King? Roll on Jeffs Table and gain an Incremental advance if successful.

Shields will be Splintered: got a 6 with a Martial Icon? use this rule. Got a 5? Have it used against you.