Wednesday, 29 August 2012

New Targets and Levels of Live Roleplayer

I ended up taking the Gathering off the diet and then agreed a penalty points reset with Ant. I Weight 13 stone 7lbs having been up to 13 stone 10lbs immediately after essentially a weekend long feast. Ant and I have new 1 year targets we both want to be at  <15% bodyfat by this time next year. My next short term goal is under 13 stone by the end of the September.

Levels of live roleplayer

I originally wrote this list quite angrily several years ago, dissapointed at how much of the game I felt people were missing out on. I have since though a lot about it and have rewritten it as a list of ways to try and make your events better. The list is fairly specific to the LT as that is the primary system that I play in.

Things that cause you to level up as a live roleplayer: (so gain 1 level for each of these that you have done)

Go to a Live role playing event
Gain a position of authority within your faction
Leave your faction camp more than 3 times in a weekend (going for food, monstering, with the rest of the faction, doesn't count)
Have Friends in another faction
Go to a sanctioned event
Go to a Sanctioned event run by another faction or Guild
Go to ten Sanctioned events in one calendar year
Have been in more than one faction
Have been in at least half the factions (at least a year in each one)
Have been in all the factions (at least a year in each one)
Go to more than one system
Join a Guild
Earn a position of Authority withing a Guild
Contribute to a ritual
Perform a Ritual
Own a Lammie
Help to organise or Run a Sanctioned event
Be considered for a DPC or NPC position
Have a Faction Hate you
Solve a plotline
Make a decision as to be PVP flagged as a Character or not
Get assassinated by other players
Make girls cry because of Roleplay (can also be written as provoke an powerful emotional response)

Thanks to the people that helped me compile the original list.

What level are you? What would you add to the list to grant someone another level? (i’ll add the best suggestions to the list.)