Friday, 23 November 2012

Reading list and Diet update

This week I weigh 13st 8lbs, I’m a little lacking in post inspiration this week so here is a list of cool things I have been reading.

Cold Days Dresden Files
The New Dresden Files book releases next Tuesday and the first Four Chapters can be found on the Jim Butcher site.

Queen of Thorns
The most recent Dave Gross Pathfinder Novel featuring Varian and Radovan . Paizo have another short bridging story featuring them up on the web fiction section of their site. The 2nd book in this series Master of Devils heavily inspired Legend of the hungry Phoenix and is an awesome example of Wujia Fiction with a pathfinder twist.

4 Hour Chef
This only just turned up on Tuesday but I am already enjoying it. It’s a book about learning disguised as a cook book. It also has links to videos of how to throw knives which is pretty cool.

All the Iron Kingdoms Books and Fiction
Essentially to farm ideas for my new short Iron Kingdoms Campaign I have been re reading the old 3.5 Iron Kingdoms books and The Warmachine and Hordes Army Books. I also actually got to play Warma-Hordes against K8 last night.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Diet Update Magic Items and Iron Kingdoms RPG

This week I weigh 13st 10lbs. My Nano Writing has slowed right down but I am changing tack with it and will hopefully pick up pace over the weekend. I am up to 8565 Words a long way from the target.

Tonight I am starting a mini campaign of The Iron Kingdoms RPG. The players are all starting as members of a small Mercenary organisation and I am going to use a lot of the ideas from Night's Black Agents to make the campaign go. Specifically I am going to make a Conspyramid for the players to investigate and hopefully the first session will encourage them to start digging.

As the Iron Kingdoms doesn’t have traditional Vampires I am looking elsewhere to stock my conspyramid. The Nightmare Kingdom of Cryx is looking like a good candidate as are Sinister cults and the plots of Dragons.

On Sunday I will be running the last session of my Witchfire Trilogy Campaign (which I am running in Pathfinder having started it in the Warhammer Fantasy System from FFG). My prep for this session is what made me have another look at the new IK Rpg.

In the meantime here is one of the items mentioned in my Nano sample:

Gavel of Law

A +2 Slim Iron wood Gavel, about 9” long and carved with symbols of law and justice. Different owners have reported seeing carvings of different Law focused Deities upon the Gavel. With a thought it can be transformed into a  3 Foot Ironwood Warhammer +2 adding its bonuses to attack and damage.
To Attune you must catch or strike a criminal or liar.
Once per day by striking it against a hard surface you can create a zone of truth.
Once per month it can be used to “judge” someone. Attack vs MD. on a hit the target is banished off plane to a prison. At the DM’s opinion that person might come back at the head of a force of demons they have freed from that prison looking for revenge, or they could have something the players need forcing them to follow them to the prison plane. (While the target is on the prison plane the hammer counts as an additional item)
Quirk: becomes uncomfortable about breaking laws, this become an inability to do so if over attuned. (also if over attuned the bearer cannot Lie and has a poor opinion of criminals and liars.)

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Random LT Character Generator

Inspired by JJ and his new (and regularly needing new) Character. Here is a random PC generator for the LT Live Roleplaying System.

Race d10


Keep rolling until you run out of points.

1Large Weapon Use 22
2Shield Use 22
3Light Armour Use 2 Roll a d6 1-2 =Light, 3-4 = Medium, 5-6 =Heavy2/3/4
4Projectile Weapon 4 4
5Thrown Weapon 11
6Spellcasting d6: 1-3 = Level 1, 4-6 = Level 24/8
7Poison Lore 44
8Incantation d6: 1-3 = Level 1 4-6 = Level 24
9Potion Lore 33
10Roll a d6: 1-2 =Bind Wounds, 4-6= Physician 1/2
11Invocation 3 3
12Recognise Forgery 11
13Power (4/8/12/16) Roll 1d42/4/6/8
14Evaluate 11
15Ambidexterity 22
16Body Development 1-3 = Level 1 4-6 = Level 24
17Sense Magic 11
18Ritual Magic d4: 1=contribute, 2= level 1, 3= Level 2, 4= Level 31/2/4/6
19Cartography 11
20Healing d6: 1-3 = Level 1, 4-6 = Level 24

Post what you end up with in the comments.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The Prophecy of a Dawning Age

My Nano entry is up to about 6000 words. As that wis what I am writing mostly at the moment todays post is a bit of that.

My Entry is inspired by The Armitage Files and The Dracula Dossier. It is a collection of Prophecies given to the players as a massive free form source of plot hooks. They then decide what they want to investigate.  I am detailing each of the people places and things mentioned in the prophecy in several different ways so that it can be used a number of ways.

So todays post is the bits of the prophecy I have written so far:

Journal entries, each on pages from the same book most torn out and separate:

This new age is dark, the people who held power before the change have fallen from grace. I am hoping that these journals will help guide the people that come later.

Serrenanathor trying to curry favor in the courts of Axis. His motivation is unclear to me. Does he seek to ingratiate himself back into the court of the Elven queen or bring her to ruin? Why was he banished from court? Who else is at work here?

Sandy arena is not haunted, it does seem to be summoning a Living dungeon from deep beneath it but the owner does not want to stop his games. Someone will need to go both down there to kill the dungeon and stop whatever is summoning it to the arena.

The burning men and that alabaster mask are hunting me, I ran across them in [place]

A Living Dungeon is growing in the graveyard of a small town northeast of Axis. We were alerted to it by one of Ash’s contacts. We got word that the Graveyard had begun to sink and when we were initially contacted it was 6 ft below the level of the surrounding countryside. We have dispatched a small team to investigate.

I Think these Living Dungeons are starting to target the people and places we are invested in, almost as if someone is using them to distract us from something. i have decided to try to get my hands on a Map of the Groaning Ground to help me track them and see if there is some sort of pattern.

The most recent owner of the Key to the Green Box has been tracked down they are [Player’s parents Name]. I fear that they do not know what they have in their possession. It is imperative that they are warned before less altruistic interests become aware of its location.

The Legate of the small town of Kannacale has gone missing, apparently there was some sort of scandal involving his wife, and adulterous barbarian and some beheadings. The adventurer and his cohorts apparently went to retrieve the wife’s head but the Judge is still missing. We have a short First hand report from a Dragonologist Scholar named Mouse that he was banished with the Gavel of Law. Possibly worth looking up this barbarian to investigate the properties of this Gavel. The Scholar was trying to research where the Gavel sent it’s victims, and mentioned that the barbarian had gone missing.

Written on the back of a wanted poster for “Black Orri Leader of the sea wolves offering a 20,000Gp Reward.

Things we still need to deal with:
The city of the east
Spider monkeys growing in Gonshans basement.
Ethereblah’s Ring of Ice was stolen from an elven messenger his body was found near The Obsidian Library.
That Shaguain pirate that walks on water.
Fire Zombies?!?

Which of these would you want to investigate if you were given this as a handout?

Follow my Nano progress here:

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Wulin societies as Icons and Starting Nano (and Diet update)

I weigh 13 St and 11 lbs. The Diet bet progresses well. Another Chap at work has joined us wagering that he will lose 12 lbs in 4 weeks.

I started my Nanowrimo entry today and you can follow my progress here:

Part of my entry is a section inspired by this post from Rob Donoghue about using the icons in different ways. That and my own 13th Age of the Hungry Phoenix campaign inspired me to write up a set of Wulin societies as Icons.

My main sources for inspiration for these was the comics for Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Heaven Sword, Dragon Sabre and bits of the Weapons of the Gods RPG and Storm Riders comics.

This is still very rough and needs some more writing to make it properly useable but even as is I think they could make an interesting foundation of a campaign. The main thing I think needs adding to them is the enemies and allies sections and to give each a goal. As it stands in 13th Age the Icons each have an agenda making it easy to extrapolate adventure ideas out of the sort of things that Icon wants.

Here is what I have for them so far:

Wulin Societies

Each Icon becomes the founder or leader of a classic Wulin society fighting for prominence in
the Jiang Hu.

Shaolin Temple
Icon easiest to draw parallels with : The Dragon Emperor
Shoalin Monks, great Kung Fu, A Righteous sect.

Icon easiest to draw parallels with: The Archmage?
Founded by 3 Mountains Chang a student of a great Shaolin Monk, His 7 students became the 7 Heroes of Wudang. Mostly Soft Martial arts, Tai Chi fist and Tai Chi Sword. Another Righteous Sect.

The Beggars Sect
Icon easiest to draw parallels with: The High Druid or the Prince of Shadows (In 13th age of the Hungry Phoenix The Prince of Shadows is the leader of this sect.)

An Unaligned sect. Made up of members from all walks of life, has both clean clothes and dirty clothes members and a wide variety of martial arts, and excellent information network. The Staff is a common weapon amongst it’s members. All of the Members have a small pouch (some of which are magical).

The Kong Tong
Icon easiest to draw parallels with: The Great Gold Dragon

According to legend the sect was founded by a Shepherd boy taught powerful magic and kung fu by a Dragon in the mountains. They specialise in discrete and unusual weapons and have a strict moral code.

Mount Hua Sect
Icon: The division speaks a little bit to The Elf Queen (needs a bit more work)
A sect internally divided by its adherents to it’s Sword skills (for which it is famed) and it’s Internal arts.

Red Tiger (Kun Lung)
formerly upright but desperate to become a wulin superpower and increasingly willing to do more and more extreme things to do so.
Icon easiest to draw parallels with: The crusader

Icon easiest to draw parallels with: The priestess

Ming Rebels
Icon: The Diabolist
An often misunderstood sect, its adherents focus more on helping people than their standing within the Jiang Hu

Non Organisational Icons in such a game could be:

The Monkey King
Fomenting mischief and chaos.
Icon easiest to draw parallels with: The prince of shadows.

The Bitter Hag
Like Jade fox from Crouching Tiger hidden dragon
Icon easiest to draw parallels with: The Diabolist

What would you make into Icons for a 13th Age game?