Wednesday, 2 July 2014


In January I took up Historical English Martial Arts with The English Martial Arts Academy in Guildford. It has been loads of fun and I have improved a lot in the 6 months we have been training.

We are training with The Backsword and working from George Silver’s Manuscripts.  

About half of the Grading are Prize plays where the prospective Gradee fights all comers with all the weapons that he is trained with.
These typically get filmed and here are some Videos of me fighting people in Prize plays.

This is the first one I fought in shortly after I was allowed to start sparring: (It starts with a fight with someone else and I am in the 2nd half)

A month or so after that

and this one is from last month after much more training and practice:

Our instructor Oz is also setting up a distance learning plan for Backsword which will be launching from here: I’ll post again when it goes live.

If you are nearby and interested in giving it a go the first lesson is free and we train on Monday evenings at The Guildford Spectrum from 19:00.