Monday, 7 January 2013

Rekindling This is Thracia

I have re started my This is Thracia Game, I have updated it to Pathfinder and updated the setting to reflect the three months that have passed since we last played.

In September a large fire gutted most of Cannacale (the town that acts as a base for the adventurers). While most of the damage has been rebuilt or repaired, Adventurers have been banned from the town itself and as a result the half finished Arena just outside of town has become the Home for most of the adventurers in the area. Passara wife of the still missing Legate has taken over stewardship of the town (since she was raised from the dead) and has been harsh and uncompromising both to adventurers and other “threats” to the safety of the town.

Greek Warships have been seen off the western coast, and rumour has it that they have driven off the pirates from the Isle just west of the Ruins of Troy. Strange people have also been seen moving in both directions along the Temple River and some of the townsfolk whisper that the Forces of the Temple of Elemental Evil are on the move once more. It is said that word has been sent to Constantinople but no help has been forthcoming. The Roman Emperor in Constantinople has outlawed the practice of Olympian worship in the city and closed the Temple district.

We had our first session on Friday. Xavian, Faroq, Iola and Clio went to investigate the Owlbear Cave. Inside they discovered Spiders, Shrieker Fungi, A shambling Mound and a Half Barded extremely angry Giant Owlbear. Having dispatched this variety of foes they investigated the caves finding bodies clad in Green- Blue Armour, one of whom had a very unusual ring made of Blonde Humanoid Hair and a somewhat secret passage leading to a cleft in the rocks that ran north into the mountains.

Pathfinder House Rules.

Having converted to Pathfinder I am using a few house rules. Similar to the ones I used for my last Pathfinder Campaign.

  • Slow XP Advancement
  • XP for killing monsters halved
  • XP for Treasure 1 per gp value of Treasure not just stuff found in monsters pockets.
  • 100 XP for discovering a location
  • 50 xp for updating the Table map
  • 100 x level for a session write up
  • 50 x level for a character bio.
  • 100 x dungeon level for completely clearing a dungeon (work out how to figure out dungeon level)
  • 1d6 x 100 for carousing,
  • XP monster value for delivering live monsters to the arena
  • 100 x level for completing a quest or plot hook
  • 5 xp for a fortune coming true
  • level x 100 xp Achieving a Personal Goal.

I’m adding Ritual Magic for Spellbook style magic users. You can cast any spell in your spellbook as a ritual (without having to have it prepared) by spending 1-10 mins per spell level and magical ingredients equal to 10 x Spell level GP (these numbers might change) and describing a cool ritual.

If you have additional attacks due to having a high base attack bonus they are all at your highest attack Value.

No Alignment, I’ll deal with spells that utilize it as they come up. Clerics don’t have to share an alignment with their deity but should act like a cleric of the deity.

Clerics might end up getting some of their spells in a way similar to this post.

Critical hits on a natural 20 do double damage, (you can choose to just multiply it or roll double the dice) If your weapon has an extended threat range or crit multiplayer you can roll to confirm as normal to get the extra bits.

Death and Dying. 0 is staggered, -1 - 1Con is Dying, While you are dying make a Con check DC 10 plus the minus number you are on, if you fail lose another 1d6 HP. You Die after one round at your Con in negative HP. If you pass you are fine this round, if you pass by 5 or more you recover to 1 HP. If you get magical healing you heal from 0 HP.

I’m also going to do something with Ability Damage but I’m not sure what yet.

What are you playing this year?