Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Running and Shadowrun Returns

I weigh 13st and 9lbs, I have hit my target for the July Diet Bet, Due to 2 larp events and a Trip to Gen Con my goal for August is to finish it no heavier than I am now. Then I will work on losing more weight in September.

One of the things that has helped me kick the last few pounds is that I have actually succeeded at starting to run. Thanks to Dave I found Zombies, Run and downloaded the 5k training version.  It is a game and a story overlaid on an interval running program, and so far I have done 3 of the runs and the introduction (which is just a free run with the introduction of the story overlaid on your music) had me accidently run to the next town as they kept telling me I was being chased by Zoms.

Sometime last year I backed Shadowrun Returns on Kickstarter by Hairbrained Schemes. It released last Thursday and I spent the weekend playing it. I really enjoyed it, the game is quite simple and short but very engaging. It plays a bit like Neverwinter Nights with guns. Having finished the Campaign i’m now investigating the level editor, and in a wave of nostalgia it made me go look at the new 5th Edition of the RPG.

This Video also about Shadowrun Returns made me chuckle:

Also 12 days to go until Gen Con!