Tuesday, 6 August 2013

What I did at my LARP event.

Inspired by a comment by my mate Martin, I have decided to post about what I do in an LT mainline event. In an effort to show people what my game (how I play) is like.

The Lorien Trust is a massive sprawling system with ten factions and ten ish guilds all of which support very different styles of play.

For the last 10 years or so I have played in the Scouts Guild. For the last 5 years I have been writing plot for them and have been leading the Guild. This year I have a new role and am in the process of stepping away from that bit of the game which I have played for the last decade. I’m finding it quite tricky, so in addition to talking about my game I also want you to talk to me about yours.

Some of the things I did at the Moot (this is a brain dump so bear with me):
I arrived IC at the event ‘live’ from a plotted fight and dropped a load of plot on the scouts. I was then sent to a mind healer.
I watched a Ritual that Rath did for the Harts. As the ritual finished the mythical White Hart of Albion showed up, not so mythic it seems!
I bought some scrolls which I put in a pouch in order to forget about them for a year, its not like I think they age well like wine or anything its just that its become a tradition!
I binned 4 expired scrolls because I had put them in a pouch a year ago and forgot about them.
I went to all the NPC meetings (normally I miss a couple).
I chatted to NPC’s and players from the various Martial Guilds to see how they were doing, I listened to a great conversation about Elemental Forges at the Armourers.
I chatted to Sparkey about how hard (tough) he was.
I got in a good scrap with some Caligar worshippers and tried to Save Wellspoken’s Character with 12 other brave/foolish heroes.
I hid from the Archon of Good under a tree (he is unreasonably peeved with me).
I made the Scouts Guild Linear more complicated by sending an hysterical, unarmed woman in love with the bad guy along.
I had awesome roleplay with the family of said hysterical unarmed woman as well as the liability in person after the linear.
I listened to players open a complicated, heavily trapped puzzle box before watching them pour over clues.
I watched the result of the ritual warning bells tolling and Satuun (MAJOR, HUGE baddy) doing a ritual. Then nodded to Dark Reaver who is less unreasonably peeved with the Scouts and I.
I watched Sai and Promethean Dave have a fight while I provided commentary about it to the guild.
I nearly died laughing thanks to K8, Nick and Becca
I got involved in the big final fight, I borrowed a pole off Donk and had some really good scraps.
Thanks to Dave for a great pole/knife fight, Brian for keeping up with me for the first half of the fight, the five factions that charged to my rescue when I got dropped by Becca and Slieve for turning up to help me when I was fighting near the Harts camp towards the end.

What do you do for the 3-4 days you spend at an LT mainline? Pick five things you do at most events and let me know here.

I wrote a post after the Gathering last year about levels of live roleplayers it’s here: in it I awarded levels for trying lots of different parts of the game. People also suggested other things that could award levels.

As of Right now I am level X so at the Gathering I am going to level up!