Thursday, 23 January 2014

The Crossroads Hexcrawl

Inspired by this overworld /underworld series and fond memories of This is Thracia. I have started putting my ideas for another Hexcrawl onto paper. Basically all the players walk up to a crossroads with a creepy abandoned inn, shrouded in mists, the roads peter out and the inn is surrounded by wilderness.

The idea is to delve out into the wilderness and find out what is going on.

My plan is to allow any Flaisnails legal character (as in started on 0 xp and leveled up normally)

A plan for starting it is to just stick a crowdsourced hexcrawl in the direction of each road and make weird border areas and then go through and secrete the plot information throughout the hexes. Otherwise I might end up going through and cherry picking my favorite bits from all the ones I have seen.

Having written all that down it feels a bit like a hexcrawl Ravenloft and that is quite cool.

I will probably put my hex-map from 13th age in it, or at least bits of it.

It should also have NPC factions doing stuff out in the wilderness. So I should write or steal some NPC factions, possibly weird echoes of the one from the starting characters homelands.

It would also be cool to be able to learn to do stuff with the mists to let you get to places you have already been more easily or use teleport circles or elf gates or something.

When a character enters the campaign they should tell me where they are travelling from and too
and then a location representing both places gets added to the map, getting to your destination (and clearing it if applicable) gets you something cool.