Tuesday, 14 October 2014

This is Troy Megadungeon

Massively inspired by a series of posts from Dreams in the Lich House I am revisiting my This is Thracia fantasy ancient Greek hexmap campaign and converting the Haunted city of Troy.

Here is my Elevator Pitch:

Hades has teamed up with Hecate and turned the haunted Ruins of Troy into a road to the Underworld. He has dared the champions of the gods to break the curse of Troy and loot the dungeon of his treasures and has also stolen relics of each of the gods and hidden them throughout the dungeon. Hades has invited his allies as well as opponents of the Olympians into the dungeon for glory, profit and to challenge the champions of the Gods.

Clerics and Oracles across the realm have been receiving visions showing the perpetually moonlit city of Troy sinking into the earth. A great pit opens in the centre of the city and buildings are pushed out towards the walls and down lining the growing maw. At the base of the pit stand Hades and Hecate with a pile of divine treasures before them, with a wave of his hand the treasures fly up the pit and into the various dungeon levels through openings and windows secreting themselves throughout. A wide tunnel unwinds before them as they walk to the surface and throw their challenge into the heavens.

Adventurers from all over Greece and the Empire are flocking back to Cannakale, which Dianakus the new Legate seems oddly well prepared for. A scoreboard has been set up in the old Arena (now converted to a Tavern) tallying the hoards that adventurers recover from the depths (and allowing him to levy a 10% tax upon it)

I'm going to use the new edition of D&D and test the following House rules:

You have a number of line in your inventory equal to your Strength score. Half your dex score of them are “Quick” slots (belt, scabbard pocket etc) that you can get to quickly. Each line takes  about 1 typical item. more details here:

Shields will be Splintered
When you are hit instead of taking Damage you can have your Shield take the hit for you becoming destroyed in the process. Magic shields often are just disarmed instead of destroyed but that varies by Shield.

XP for Gold
Like it says you get XP for finding treasures and bringing them back to the surface rather than killing Monsters. There is also probably XP available for completing quests and stuff like that. (I’m testing this and it will probably change when the DMG comes out)


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