Thursday, 10 May 2012

Diet update, new goal and dieting in a field

It is Week 5, this week I weigh 14St 2Lbs, My total inches are 155 and I have lost a total of 12lbs and 7 Total Inches so far.

I have a new mega Goal, I am aiming to have <10% body fat by the gathering (a live roleplaying event in august) not really sure how to manage it but we shall see how it goes.

This week I have begun adding additional exercises as well as continuing to stand at my desk at work.

I spent the last weekend in Derby pretending to be a Scout and hitting people with foam weaponry. I had a really good time and found it to be surprisingly easy to stick to the diet once I was in the field.

I had done some prep, by taking some boiled eggs for breakfasts and it was made easier by having a binge day on the Saturday. The various food vans each had something I could eat so sticking to it was easy.

After the weekend I had only gained about a pound when a normal binge day would gain me 4-6lbs and as you can see from above I have already lost that, more and additional inches.

I have finished reading The Four Hour Body and am writing up a review.