Monday, 21 May 2012

Reading List

These are some of the books I am reading at the moment.

4 Hour Body
This is the book I have taken my diet from. Full of useful ideas and emphasising the idea of the Minimum effective dose for making physical change.

4 Hour work week
By the same chap as the 4 Hour Body (Tim Ferris) this was his first book and has loads of ideas and tips to reduce your work week and improve your efficiency. The ideas in here led to me starting this blog.

Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by the Blogess
A mostly true memoirs of a very entertaining blogger.

The Sword Book
One of my goals this year is to become a better sword fighter, this book is one of the ways I am going to do it. It is written by Simon Wright who teaches fighting to Durham University students through the Northern Fight School.

Homicide a year on the killing streets
I got this after it was recommended in the 4th article of this series, after I ran a session of This is Thracia (my D&D Game) set in Constantinople. It is every bit as good as advertised and is written by one of the writers of The Wire.