Thursday, 5 July 2012

Diet update and Rumour Tables

This week I weigh 13 st 10lbs again. However My total inches are 147.5 which is a decrease of 4.5” since I last measured. I have also been tracking my BMI which is going down, but the scales I am using are not reliable enough, so I am going to find other ways to measure it.

One of the tools I use to encourage a player led game in This is Thracia (my D&D Next Playtest campaign) is the rumour tables.

When a player makes a new Character and then each month of real world time they get a rumour. If they have an appropriate Theme, Skill, Background or good excuse I will give them another.

Each ties into either a location on the game map, something that happened in play or one of the NPC’s in town.

Here are the first twelve Rumours on my table as an example (and a bonus to anyone playing This is Thracia)

1Douvan Stahl has found something at the “Dragon Burial Site” Whatever it is it scared away his guards.
2Passara was sleeping with Xavian
3Valthrun the sage will pay good cash for books about The Temple of Elemental Evil. Apparently the Churches want him to do more research for them
4The Clerics at the Church of Hades will pay for heretical relics associated with Death cults (and reward people for wiping out such cults)
5Bugbear brigands in the old dwarven mine east of town are working for spider monsters.
6Cryofang the White has woken from his slumber and has been seeing flying over the black wood.
7Bruno has been acting very strangely since he came back from being missing
8The Ruins of Troy hold many riches but great danger from the unquiet dead
9The Giant Pirate Grethan Greybead is looking for the people that killed his Goblin first mate he is offering a reward.
10Torendil is looking for a potion of stone to flesh to restore his sisters head.
11There was a rash of murders in The City last month
12Frances Gottlestotch (the tavern owner) is missing

Last week I picked up a copy of The 50 Fathoms explorers edition. It is a pirate themed Sandbox Campaign for Savage Worlds. One of the most interesting parts about it is that like Skyrim it is a completely open world but it has a overarching plot. the Idea being that your players can bump into bits of the meta plot as they explore and choose to pursue it or not.

I also ran Deadlands Hell on Earth last weekend. We played Infestations a dime novel written by Charles Ryan who I used to work and game with before he moved back to America. We used the pdf of the new Reloaded version of the setting.

Ant has started a spinoff campaign based on my Dnd Next Playtest called This is Rome. So now if you want to play and live near either Aldershot or Birmingham you can.