Thursday, 12 July 2012

Running and Diet update

This week I weigh 13st 9lbs, having lost 19 lbs. I am hoping to lose another pound before the weekend to put me at the 20lbs lost milestone before I go to the Gryphons Live Roleplaying Event .

Yesterday evening K8 and I completed the first run in a 0-5K running plan, barefoot. In preparation for the arrival of my Vibram five finger shoes.

The plan is to take part in the 10K version of this The Majors Challenge  in the midlands in october. That gives me 15 weeks to prep.

I am going to use 8 weeks to get up to running 5k using a couch to 5k plan and app. While using the injury proofing chapter from 4 hour body as pre hab for running. Then use the chapter about endurance running in 4 hour body  to take K8 and I up to the 10K.