Thursday, 6 September 2012

Cool stuff again and Diet update

This week I Weigh 13st and 5lbs which is my joint lightest so far. I am planning to have a relatively light binge day this week and we have a weapons practice lined up for Sunday Morning.

We have been doing a lot of gaming this last week with 4 Sessions of This is Thracia (say it like you are kicking someone into a pit)  and another lined up for tomorrow evening. The players are currently hell bent on exploring a new dungeon they discovered that I put on to the map after it won a competition on the D&D Website. The map is here and I am busily filling it with Treasure and Monsters from a bunch of sources. I am also toying with the idea of trying to render it using Dwarven Forge but i suspect I would have to improvise too many pieces.

We Also played a session of Gavin Smith’s Epic Scotland themed D&D Game. We are now 19th level and explored an appropriately epic feeling Dungeon.

I also found two excellent reviews of 13th age on EN World. The Review is in two parts,  part 1 talks about the Character options and part 2 talks about the general rules and combat options in the book. Also on EN World this week my Favorite Story Hour (a story of someones game) has started updateing again. Sagiro’s Story Hour can be read on the boards or far more conveniently from StevenAC’s collected PDF’s. That story hour has provided countless inspirations for my own games.

At some point I am going to use this post from the creator of xkcd to make a fantasy world. It is a What if Scenario if our poles were 90 Degrees from where they are now.

Then finally I have booked for the upcoming Hearts of Albion Larp event and it looks like it is going to be awesome. It is rapidly getting to the point where there will have a hundred monsters and a hundred players making it one of the largest Sanctioned events recently. If you fancy coming along the booking page is here:

What have you been up to this week?