Monday, 10 September 2012

Legend of the Hungry Phoenix my 13th Age setting

This Sunday I ran another session of 13th age set in my homebrewed Legend of the Hungry Phoenix campaign setting. Taking my lead from this post by Rob Donahgue I added the Icons to my existing world and then let the payers relationships start to shape the setting and Games.

I based the start of the adventure On an Idea for Not starting in the Tavern by the Weem, with the players being trapped in a town being invaded by Goblins. Then I had a diabolist steal the towns Watchtower full of innocents. (Based on a game Rob Heinsoo ran for us when he visited the UK)

So to the campaign pitch:

This Age is a young Age. 120 years ago the Divine War began.

Some 21 years ago the gods went silent and the Divine War was declared over. And with it the 12th age of the Empire.
(divine magic still works but the god’s no longer walk among the people and do not answer high end divination)
Before the Silence, the god of Civilisation laid down a system of government (Like Confucianism in China) Modelled on the organisation of Heaven.

This method of Government was adopted by the Dragon empire, supported by the Dragons who had been the elite soldiers of the Divine war. They formed The Empire and almost immediately began a massive system of expansion.

Dragons are treated as the divine inheritors of the Mortal world live across the known world claiming dominion over stretches of land and demanding tithe from those who live there.

Ioun The God of Prophecy was slain in the war. Leaving a group of peoples wanting freedom from the tyranny of divinity. At the same Time Shaolin Temple opened it doors to followers of all faiths and the Mountain became known as the Cathedral peak. This sudden change of temperament is due to the new leader of Shaolin a Woman known only as the Priestess.

Some of the Priests of the Dead God of prophecy (Ioun) Have gone on to form a secret society, separate even from the Wulin, it is said their leader Vacna (Who lost his hand and eye during the divine war) Has a sinister and terrifying plan.

At the same time the empire is expanding and enforcing the tenants of Civilistion, a Wulin style shadow world has formed amongst the Warlords and free people on the fringes of Society. Made up of Gang’s, Martial societies and Adventurer’s guilds this world is likely to be the focus of alot of play. (think Crouching Tiger and Heaven Sword Dragon Sabre). It is said that the dragon emperor led one of these societies during the Divine War. These societies have been thrown into turmoil by The Priestess of Shaolin Temple’s recent decree that the other forms of martials arts are an affront to the gods and must be stopped.

The Empire is in the process of warring with another Nation, Beal’Turath, that compacted itself to The Diabolist and are turning into Tieflings. (This happened during the Divine War)

Meanwhile in parts for the wilderness the bodies of the dead primordials lay where they fell during the Divine War. Spawning more monsters from their hideous blood and possibly being used for sinister things. Living Dungeons emerge from the Lands below.

The Great Golden Wyrm used his body to stem the tide of chaos and seal off the Abyss contributing to the end of the Divine War.

The other Icons who have a strong but so far undefined influence upon the world are:

The Prince of shadows Rumored to be followed by several of the more villainous Wulin societies.

The Three have a strong following among the Dragons who claim lands on the fringes of the Empire and some sympathy in the imperial court.

The Orc Lord, Khan of the Steppes and the threat from the North.

The Dwarf Lord -

The High Druid -

The Elf Queen - The elves retreaded into solitude at the end of the Divine War. Few remain among the people of the Empire but the birth rate of Half Elves has been increasing.

The Crusader - Guards the north against the orcish hordes, some say he also strikes against hell pits and turns them into his fortresses.

I expect the Campaign to be about the things that players take an interest in. (as you have to have a relationship with  2-4 of the Icons those relationships will shape the game)

It will continue to be an open Table with 4-8 players per session. (It will be in addition to not instead of This is Thracia)

It will be a High action, Cinematic game driven by your characters Unique things and Icon relationships.

I’m looking forward to running more games of it.
What did you play this weekend?