Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Feng Shui and Diet Bet.

I finished the diet bet at 13st and 5 lbs. I lost my target of 8 lbs however I did it in 5 weeks not 4. I was not alone in missing my target however neither of my 2 colleagues hit their targets so all wanting to carry on with the motivation we gained in november we have carried the bet on into december. My new target is to get to 13st by Friday the 21st of December.

On Saturday I went to Dragonmeet, a games convention in Kensington. I Got my copy of Feng Shui Signed by Robin Laws, I listened to the live Ken and Robin Talk about stuff podcast and Had a feast day lunch in a whole foods shop.

Feng Shui is one of my favorite role playing games and I still use a bunch of the ideas from its GM advice section. My favorite piece of advice from it and one that Rob Donahue has blogged about here, is The Think of Three Cool places to have a fight method of adventure writing.

Essentially the advice is to think of three cool places to have a fight, think of cool things that could happen during a fight in those places then write backstory and a clue chain to help the players get from one place to the next. Another really interesting twist to it is the three fights don’t have to be fights, but they should be the important scenes for that session and the bridging scenes are opportunities for you to show how badass your Player characters are.

A couple of the coolest places I have set fights recently are:
The Circle of Doom - This dungeon is awesome.
On a Boat - bonus points if it is sinking or has rammed another ship.

What is the coolest place you have set or played a fight or other important scene in an RPG? Where is the coolest place you have been in real life that you could set a fight in or at?