Friday, 23 November 2012

Reading list and Diet update

This week I weigh 13st 8lbs, I’m a little lacking in post inspiration this week so here is a list of cool things I have been reading.

Cold Days Dresden Files
The New Dresden Files book releases next Tuesday and the first Four Chapters can be found on the Jim Butcher site.

Queen of Thorns
The most recent Dave Gross Pathfinder Novel featuring Varian and Radovan . Paizo have another short bridging story featuring them up on the web fiction section of their site. The 2nd book in this series Master of Devils heavily inspired Legend of the hungry Phoenix and is an awesome example of Wujia Fiction with a pathfinder twist.

4 Hour Chef
This only just turned up on Tuesday but I am already enjoying it. It’s a book about learning disguised as a cook book. It also has links to videos of how to throw knives which is pretty cool.

All the Iron Kingdoms Books and Fiction
Essentially to farm ideas for my new short Iron Kingdoms Campaign I have been re reading the old 3.5 Iron Kingdoms books and The Warmachine and Hordes Army Books. I also actually got to play Warma-Hordes against K8 last night.