Thursday, 13 June 2013

Living Dungeons

Inspired by this actual play report, from this session and from having not properly prepared for Tuesdays 13th Age game I ran my three players through part of the Stonehell dungeon Lost level, slightly re imagined as a Living Dungeon.

The session was good and the players cleared a bunch of rooms before retreating back to the nearby Halfling town of Barrow.

That session and planning for the game on Friday where the players are planning to return to the Dungeon got me thinking about living Dungeons.

One of the suggestions in the 13th age rulebook is to tell the players the 6 most infamous or interesting Dungeons in your version of 13th age, mine are:

The Tomb of the Wizard King based loosely on Gallowspire from the Dungeons of Golarion book for Pathfinder.

A flying realm that rains goblins on foes (inspired by a comment I read or heard from Rob Heniso, I think it was here) It looks like castle Greyskull possibly on its side.

The Secret Vault of the Draco Emporium Trading empire. Based on the background and one unique thing of one of my players.

The Horde of the Great Gold Wyrm. hidden somewhere beneath the Red Wastes and unlockable only by clues scattered amongst his followers and in the ruins of The Golden Citadel. (I’m using Carcosa for the Red Wastes so that whole section should be interesting)

Horizon and Drakkenhall Sewers The homes of subterranean monsters joined by Strange magics to the Sewers beneath the largest concentration of Wizards in the Empire. Each tunnel that you traverse might be under either of the cities.

Omens Home a Famous living Dungeon that has tried to rise many times each part of it connects in some way to Omen. Either having briefly become a flying realm and crash landed or sent tunnels heading towards shore to grow dungeon levels on the edge of beaches.