Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Goal based level ups and Diet Bet

I currently weigh 14st 7lbs and have bet a variety of people £20 that I will lose a stone by the end of July. Shout out in the comments if you want to take part in your own Diet Bet in July.

This saturday we played a mammoth  session of 13th age and my players defeated the living dungeon they were delving into.

In doing so they leveled to 4th and I hit upon an idea about letting my players choose when they will next level up.

The idea ties back into what I awarded xp for in This is Thracia.

I want them to set a fairly big goal and they can level to 5th when they achieve it and gain incremental advances when they reach a significant milestone in that goal or if they significantly advance a personal plot line.

Some of the ideas I have had about what that goal could be are:

Defeat the Demonic Warband that recently escaped from the Abyss (something that may or may not have been the players fault)
This could involve travelling to the Red Wastes, finding the warband, defeating the warband, helping shore up the wards over the abyss.

Unravel the mysteries surrounding Hale and Lynch the renegade Tower instigators were up to
This could involve interrogating the pair, breaking the code on their notes, stopping the rebellious cells they have set up and similar intrigue.

Un-curse the silver coins they found that they think used to be people cursed by the diabolist
They found just over 900 silver coins with the symbol of the Diabolist on one side and a persons face on the other, they suspect that each different face represents a person cursed into coin form by the Diabolist. This could involve finding the missing coins, finding out how the diabolist did it, breaking the curse.

6 different players significantly advance a personal plot line.
This could involve loads of things.

What Goal would you set to let your character level up?
Also please keep adding hexes to my map: http://tohitarseclass0.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/hex-maps.html