Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Demon Armour and a new use for Icon Rolls.

Typically worn by the champions of the Demon lords attempting to escape the Abyss, these suits of armour, cannot be removed without a ritual related to exorcism or removing curses. Such rituals often cause the Demon to revert to it’s true form and start a fight.

They are created by the Demon lords by either skinning Demons alive or polymorphing them directly into the suits.

The armours quirks reflect the Demon used to create it and the armour might cause mutations especially if you over attune. Over attunement might also cause the Demon that it is made of to gain a foothold in the wearer's mind.

If the Armour wearer or any of his companions has an Icon relationship with the Diabolist then 5’s and 6’s get more interesting.

A 6 could grant access to a random demonic special ability for one fight while a 5 could involve the Armour rebelling against the wearer or requiring a sacrifice of some kind (blood, souls, gold other Player characters) to keep working.

Here are a couple of examples.

Robe of Imps:
This Robe is made from the skin of a dozen imps stitched together,
Light Armour +2 (can be worn by a spellcaster with a Diabolic Icon relationship as no Armour)
Flock of Imps 1x Day as a move action the wearer turns into a flock of Imps and flies to one nearby place he can see.
Quirk: Each of the Imps has a slightly different thing it wants. One might need moisturising, one might hate getting wet, one might constantly want the wearer to sas or back talk everyone nearby, one is a coward.
When you over attune all the imp skins have something they want, and the more extreme ones start getting a say Pyromania, a desire to accidentally poison your companions.

Balor Plate
This suit of full plate Armour is created by Polymorphing a Balor into a sticky alive looking suit of Plate mail.
Heavy Armour +3
Catch on Fire: 1/day: Like a wild Balor’s Fiery aura the Suit catches fire. It deals 1d6 Fire Damage per point of the escalation die to all enemies engaged with the wearer. If you have an outstanding 5 with the Diabolist then this fire damage might also hurt you.

Using Icon relationships to generate re-rolls

Inspired by FATE I was thinking about a way to let 5’s and 6’s on Icon relation ship rolls provide re-rolls and compels.

If you can relate your 6 to the roll either via your one unique thing or the relevant Icon relationship you can spend it for a re-roll.

5’s first have to make life more complicated for you and then can be spent for a re roll (again both should relate to your one unique thing or the relevant Icon Relationship)

I’m going to test this out in play tonight.