Thursday, 21 November 2013

Multiple Monkeys

Today I weigh 15st 3lbs. Down 3lbs just by sticking to diet and exercising  for 5 to 30 mins each day.

In my 13th Age game a group of my players are currently exploring a Demon Monkey Temple. Once they have finished exploring it I’ll post the whole thing. Meanwhile here is one of the monsters they fought and a one use item they found several of.

Multiple Monkeys.
8 Demon monkeys hanging from the Ceiling.
They all howl and gibber with one voice as they are actually one Demon in many bodies.
They start as 8 Level 1 Monsters.
When you kill one the remaining 7 become 2nd level. Growing in size and strength. This continues until the final Monkey is a Level 8 who will wreck faces.

Multiple Monkeys
8 x Level 1-8 Monsters

Howling Claws
+ (attack of monster of current level) Hit: Damage as per level.

One mind many bodies - Vulnerable to Psychic Damage

Cumulativly Stong - Every time a Multiple Monkey reaches 0 HP all the remaining Multiple Monkeys gain a level.

AC - as Monster of current level
PD - High defence of current level
MD - Low defence of current level
HP - As monster of current level

I used this 13th age GM Aid by Jim South to track the stats as they got harder.

Mani Wheel Scrolls
Filling these hand held prayer wheels with specially prepared scrolls allows anyone to cast the scroll with a simple flick of the wrist. However doing so consumes the drum of the Mani Wheel as well as the scroll.