Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Cannakale NPCs

The ID DM has some DMG previews that talk about generating memorable NPC’s. So I thought I would take it and apply it to some of the NPC’s in Cannakale. Here they are with more to follow :

Some of the secrets and useful knowledges are in white to prevent them from being easy for my players to see. Highlight the entries to see them.

Dianakous - Elf, Noble, (originally played by Matt) Cleric of Hades. Town Legate.
Talent: Draws beautifully.
Mannerism:  Speaks very carefully
Interaction with others: Acts friendly
Useful Knowledge: Knows a secret way into level 3, and some of Hades Plans.
Ideal: Greed
Bond: Loyalty to the Church of Hades and his uncle
Flaw: secretly believes everyone is beneath him.

Pennicus - Trader. Weasly skinny, little bit whiney, rubs hands together. WantsaAdventurers to find a route down to the dungeon market on Level 2. Has a bunch of books for sale.
Talent: He is a skilled actor,
Mannerism: Talks around the subject all the time
Interaction with others:
Useful Knowledge:
Ideal: is a trade empire surpassing boundaries of normal countries
Bond: Will keep his trading house’s secret.
Flaw: Arrogance
Secret: His trading house has ended up with the Golden skull and he wants to sell it back to the Temple of Elemental evil.

Rasmus - Severed Head on Level 2. Sarcastic. Bitter about being cursed. Knowledgable. Liar.

Etcetera. Goblin spy. No one is sure what he really looks like.
Talent: Actor and “master of disguise”
Interaction with others: Curious,
Useful Knowledge: He knows where the goblin king has gone.     
Ideal: Whimsical
Bond: Captivated by his romantic interest in Mouse.
Flaw: He is a goblin, and therefore is a personification of a bad idea.

Frances Gottlestotch. Skinny but always well dressed, immaculately clean, Bar keep
Talent: great at throwing darts.
Mannerism: Prone to predictions of doom
Interaction with others: Gruff
Useful Knowledge: Asura’s secret.
Ideal: Might
Bond: Protective of the town.
Flaw:  Is a serial killer, usually controls himself at home (do not shit in thy own nest) goes for young men with big egos  

Asura, Slim and boyish figure, big gold brown eyes long black hair, wears simple dresses, barmaid      
Talent: Skilled dancer
Mannerism: Whispers
Interaction with others: Quiet
Useful Knowledge: See secret.
Ideal: Redemption
Bond: Out for revenge
Flaw: Secret Crime or misdeed.
Secret:  Actually a male vampire hiding from his sire. Real name is Asher

Areobindus  Big guy, potbellied, balding, builder (working on the orphanage), Wants to write a novel, lacks drive    
Talent: talented writer
Mannerism: prone to singing, whistling or humming.
Interaction with others: Hot tempered
Useful Knowledge: TBD
Ideal: Respect
Bond: Protective of orphans and children
Flaw: overpowering greed.

Beppolenus slightly twitchy. always seems a little bit stoned, really likes adventurers and comes to all the carousing (if he is invited or not), Farmer. Wants to be an adventurer and will be, damn it, the moment the apothecary gets the mix right on his pills    
Talent: expert carpenter
Mannerism: Twitchy
Interaction with others: Ponderous
Useful Knowledge: Knows what is in the basement of the House of Fragrant Dreams.
Ideal: No limits
Bond: Really fond of adventurers and loves what has happened to the town.
Flaw: Always seems slightly stoned.
Secret: Is being drugged by Marsheed because he knows about the stuff in the basement of the House of Fragrant dreams.

Helius, Human male looks like Pete Postlethwaite fisherman. Saving up for a bigger ship, wants to be a trader, and then lead a trading fleet.    
Talent: Great with animals
Mannerism: Paces
Interaction with others: Friendly
Useful Knowledge: Has clues about any coastal location on the map.
Ideal: Greater good
Bond: Dedicated to fulfilling his personal life goal and protective of his boat.
Flaw: Prone to rage

Charito, dreadlocks, half cast, pockmarked skin. female half elf, smells odd, Alchemist / Herbalist    
Talent: expert cook
Mannerism: Twirls/tugs on dreads
Interaction with others: Honest
Useful Knowledge: Used to be a druid knows things about the local druid cults.
Ideal: Life
Bond: out for revenge
Flaw/ Secret: Was a druid of the blackwood that used to worship the elements but managed to figure out how not to turn into an elemental, is hiding out in town to try and teach more of the druids.   

Bruno, Big (for a halfling) burly and threatening, halfling mafia leg breaker    
Talent: Perfect memory
Mannerism: Bites fingernails
Interaction with others: Rude
Useful Knowledge:
Ideal: Tradition
Bond: Protective of colleagues
Flaw: Envies others freedoms
Secret: Is working for them to pay off his brothers debts   

Marsheed a middle aged, Human, thin, smells odd, Owner of the House of Fragrant Dreams  
Talent: Knows thieves cant.
Mannerism: Chews something
Interaction with others: Suspicious
Useful Knowledge: can and will make poisons, and less savory alchemical mixtures.
Ideal: Independance
Bond: Drawn to a special place (his shop)
Flaw: He is very jaded
Secret: Functionally immortal he is waiting for the jailor of the things beneath his shop.

Francis, Gnome, with buggy eyes, Ex-bandit turned informant, Was spared by adventurers including Iola and Orien has turned into an informant and general hanger on at the arena.
Talent: Expert juggler, Good with badgers.
Mannerism: Excited.
Interaction with others: Enthusiastic.
Useful Knowledge: Knows where the hideout of the bandits operating on level 1 is.
Ideal: Aspiration
Bond: Loyal to his pet badger.  
Flaw: Foolhardy bravery

Torendil - Elf  - Noble - Former high priest of Hades, Dianakous’ uncle. Went a bit wrong during his sisters time in charge.
Talent: Great at solving puzzles
Mannerism: uses colorful oaths and exclamations.
Interaction with others: Arrogant.
Useful Knowledge: TBD
Ideal: People
Bond: Loyal to his family
Flaw: Has a powerful enemy