Monday, 3 November 2014

Random Ghost Table

One of these is a ghost.

I have decided to use NanoWrimo as an incentive to get the entire dungeon finished!

In the mean time i’m using Gygaxian democracy to make a table of random ghosts for my Troy Megadungeon. I’m looking for 3 sentences for each ghost; Who they were in life, How they died, How they escaped Hades.

Ideally i want about half Trojan war casualties and half other people who ended up in hades (people who died in the old Thracia campaign for example).

I stuck this request on Facebook to start with and got an amazing list of people who died in the Iliad and Odyssey from Everwalker. Now i’m looking to fill the rest of the list with Adventurer types to round out the selection. Drop your dead guy ideas in the comments.

Random Ghost Table

and a list of cool dead guys from the area.

  1. Elpenor, companion of Odysseus, who sailed away from Troy with him to Circe's island, climbed up onto the roof of the witch's house whilst drunk and broke his neck falling off it when he missed the ladder. Escaped Hades when Odysseus opened a rift (via sacrifice) to seek the guidance of Tiresias.
  2. Aias (aka Telemonian Aias), spear captain under Agamemnon, who was killed when the Trojans rushed the ships. Escaped Hades when ditto.
  3. Adrestos, a Trojan charioteer, who was captured by Menelaos and due to be ransomed until Agamemnon threw a hissy fit about not ransoming any soldiers back and stabbed him in the side.
  4. Elphenor, a Greek soldier, who was stabbed with a spear whilst bending down to strip the armour off a corpse (on the front line in the middle of battle, so kind of asking for it).
  5. The brothers Phegeus and Idaios, charioteers and sons of a priest of Hephaistos. Phegeus threw a spear at Diomedes (Greek) and missed. Diomedes threw it back and didn't miss. Idaios tried to catch his brother before he fell under the wheels of the chariot, overbalanced, and they both fell to their deaths.
  6. Gannikus the Gladiator. Devoured by drowned one zombies on the shores of the sea. Escaped the underworld by winning a dead gladiator pit fight.
  7. Phereklos, the Trojan ship builder, who'd built the ship that Alexander used to steal Helen. He was stabbed by a spear 'in the right buttock, and the spearhead drove straight on and passing under the bone went into the bladder.' He died.
  8. Tlepolemos, Herakles' son (so Greek), challenged Sarpedon, King of the Lykians (Hektor's friend and ally) to a duel. He got stabbed in the throat, but managed to break Sarpedon's leg as he fell.
  9. Akamas, a Trojan captain and 'best of the Thracians', who was killed by Aias hitting the horn on his helmet so hard that the horn went through into his skull.
  10. Teukros, Aias' half-brother and a Greek archer, who killed tons of Trojans and then tried to shoot Hektor. Hektor objected, and hit him in the throat with a rock.
  11. Dolon, a Trojan scout, who went out spying on the Greek lines during the night. Unfortunately he ran into Diomedes, who had gone out to spy on the Trojan lines during the night. Diomedes ran him down, using throwing spears to shepherd him into a dead end. Dolon gave him tons of information in the hope his life would be spared. Then Diomedes cut his head off.
  12. Agathe - a 12 year old girl with a lisp. Once a resident of Troy who was Bound for priesthood, she was killed fleeing the temples when Troy was sacked. Can cry on demand and likes toys.
  13. Big Nose the Goblin, Killed by Faroque.
  14. Douvan Stohl Gnome Archeologist. Cause of death unknown. Spirit summoned by a Hag and released into the dungeon.
  15. Anaxagoras, a vain, arrogant, ageing bard. Poisoned by a young rival. Escaped by having his spirit form smuggled out in an Iron Flask to escape the notice of Cerberus and then used all his charm and well-learned politesse on Charon to get him carried back across the river.
  16. Ghost of the Keymaster in Human form "I am Vinz, Vinz Clortho, Keymaster of Gozer...Volguus Zildrohoar, Lord of the Seboullia. are you the Gatekeeper?" "You will perish in flame! Soon as I find the Gatekeeper."
  17. Ghost of Zuul the Gatekeeper in Human form. “We must prepare for the coming of Gozer” “Are you the keymaster?”
  18. Ares - killed by Athene - very annoyed... escaped when Hades wasnt looking... still annoyed hes a ghost and not a god... hates everyone... (at least that is what he claims)
  19. Ilium - The ghost of the spirit of the City itself. Remanent of all the souls that died when the city was sacked. Sent out by Hades to serve his purposes. (again he looks like a guy not a city)

I also have an updated Scoreboard with the players rocketing to the top after a fantastic haul from 2 stashes of treasure.


Dudes of Righteousness
Found a secret stash and The Arch of Greed. (player party)
The Sons of Men
Went straight down to level 3 on their First delve. Have not been seen for 3 weeks. Still missing.

The Lamenters
Found a cache on Level 2 after following a treasure map. Lost all of their Hirelings and their wizard got bitten in half by spiders on level 3. Went down to the Centaur races, came back without Alice but with a good haul.

The Iron Crows
Snuck into the centaur race on level 4 and made away with a race prize. played it safe this week found some stuff on level 2. Went down to level 3 West have not returned

The Strangers
Went down to the north section of level 3 and got lost but came back with a massive pile of treasure.

The Celts
New Party from Gaul and Breton.

The Disciples
All Clerics or divine casters, apparently using divinations to find treasure.
Higgins’ Heroes
Got some good loot but lost 3 guys to Zombies after they were trapped behind a Portcullis. Now looking for recruits or hirelings. Tried to go back into the North side of the first level but have not come back.


Are you running D&D? Want to stick your group on the scoreboard? Drop their details (party name,  level, composition and total loot gained from adventuring so far) and I will add them as more adventurers flock to the mega dungeon.