Thursday, 16 August 2012

Diet update and how far I have come

This week I weigh 13st and 6lbs, I want to lose another 6lbs before this time next week.

Posting these weekly updates has really helped me stay on track with the changes I am making. Talking about them and having to make a post about it each week keeps it fresh in my mind and makes me less likely to cave to temptation. Speaking of temptation Tim Ferris’ Blog has a very interesting article this week on Ego Depletion.

The rest of this week's post is inspired by this post from Ant, where he gives an update on how he is doing.

I started this blog on Monday the 2nd of April and at that point I weighed 15 Stone. Since then I have made 40 Posts.

I have gone from wearing 42” waist Trousers to 36” Waist. Medium T-Shirts now fit me.

According to my massively unreliable Scales my BMI has dropped 5 points.

I have a Plan of what I want to do, even if I am still fighting with exactly how I am going to do it.

I am working towards my Dreamlines and I have a Bucket List.

I am reading The 13th Age Escalation Edition (I pre ordered and they send you a pdf of the current rules) which has a lot of very interesting ideas to add story elements to the typically more fighty D20 games. I am also reading The Education of Millionaires and some comics and graphic novels I got while at the Travelling Man 21st party up in leeds at the weekend.

This weekend I am going to Eclectic Games for the launch of the Dr Who Card Game, and then on Sunday there will be some more Fighting Practice.

All in all everything is going well. What has been cool about your week?