Thursday, 9 August 2012

Diet update and Cheating at Confidence

This week I weigh 13 st 8 Lbs, I need to lose another 8lbs in the next two weeks to hit my 2 stone by the Gathering target.

Tricks and techniques for making yourself more confident. Something I find very easy to do now but took a long time to learn is confidence, here are some of my favorite tricks to make yourself both appear to be and actually become more confident.

1. Pretend you are/can.
This is a very simple trick and one that I have seen work for people familiar with Roleplaying all the time. At it’s core it is as easy as the name suggests, pretend you can do something and before long you will have done it. If you are a Roleplayer and you have done something in a game or a Larp field then you can do it in real life.

2. “Better make myself look big.”
This one sounds pretty weird but works surprisingly well, immediately before you need to be more confident imagine a giant glowing golden version of yourself and then step forward, feeling yourself growing to fit into it. I also hear the Mario Getting big from a mushroom noise when I do it.

3. Head Scripts
Similar to making yourself look big a Headscript is a short Mantra that you repeat to yourself inside your head before you do something you are worried about. It helps unify your body language so that what you are saying matching your non verbal communication. My favorite is
“I’m Cool, You’re Cool, You want to know more about me” ( i usually replace the last line to make it appropriate to what I am doing, for example “You want to do an order” is one I use if I have to cold call someone for work.)

4. Practice
Do something simple that is outside of your comfort zone. One of my favorites is asking pretty girls for their telephone number. Even if they say no the boost from being able to ask them can be massive.

5. Anchoring
This is a trick i learned from NLP. If you have ever been in a situation where you felt completely in control and confident you can use those feeling again in another situation. Simply remember that situation in as much vivid detail as you can, as if you are looking out of your own eyes at the memory. Then touch an easy to get to part of your body (I used the back of my right hand for my most powerful anchor.) Do this for 2 or 3 situations and then when you are in a situation that you need those feelings touch that point again and you can get them all back. I used this to pass my 2nd Driving test. I went from 11 minor and 2 major faults to 2 minor, using this trick.

What is your favorite trick for appearing or being confident about something?