Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Player Led Plot

I structured my This is Thracia Campaign based on ideas I stole from Westmarches. Having just finished running The Pathfinder Serpent Skull Adventure path I wanted a campaign that was much more about the Characters rather than the overarching plot.

As a result I have steered away from having a story to tell with Thracia, Instead I have tried to build each area with a history and have a story or history to be discovered in the game.

It has ended up working quite differently in play to how I expected, and that experience got me thinking about what I want to do when I sit down at a table to play. A Lot of the time I just want to play and I don’t really mind what happens in the session as long as I have a good time.

At the moment I offer a variety of XP rewards to players who do things to move the campaign along.

  • 100 XP for discovering a location on the map. (to promote exploration)
  • 50 xp for updating the Table map (to encourage communication between the players)
  • 100 x level for a session write up (as above)
  • 50 x level for a character bio. (Because I will turn it into something in the setting)
  • Carousing,
  • XP monster value for delivering live monsters to the arena
  • 100 x level for completing a quest or plot hook (these tend to be player defined)
  • 5 xp for a fortune coming true (I stole my fortune telling rules from Vornheim)
  • level x 100 xp Achieving a Personal Goal. (to define a personal goal you have to email the list with your goal. For example “I Want to Kill the Goblin King”, or “I want to find the 8th Sword of Ares.”
  • Defining parts of Cannakale. (reward varies) (define something about the town, preferably something that leads to adventure.)

What other ways can you encourage players to take an active role in the campaign?

Also there is a new Playtest Packet available for Dnd NEXT