Thursday, 25 October 2012

Diet Bet

Proper Diet update and post coming tomorrow

I have been struggling with my motivation for the last couple of weeks but this post from Tim Ferris has re inspired me:

I have downloaded the app he recommends and now inspired by his optional step 2 I am arranging my own Diet Bet. Starting with K8 and Nat’s and a couple of guys at work. Each of us puts £10 in the pot and makes a bet.

Mine is Stick to the 4 Hour Body Diet for 4 weeks and lose 2lbs a week.
One of the guys at work is betting that he can lose the greatest percentage of Starting body weight of the three of us.
K8’s is to do her weekly exercises and stick to her diet.

The bets begin on monday then, in 4 weeks time, everyone that succeeds at their bet splits the pot evenly between them.

Do you have a habit you want to start? Want in on the Diet bet? If you want to join in email me your bet before monday and we will go from there...