Sunday, 7 October 2012

Gaming in Scotland

I spent the last week on the banks of Loch Katrine in Scotland, Relaxing and playing a lot of games.

I had a really nice time. We played the penultimate session of Gav’s Dnd 3.5 Game.  the inspiration for setting This is Thracia in a  version of the real world.

K8 and I joined the game over a year ago when it had reached 11th level and this 2nd to last session takes us to 22nd level. This session had us fight an Epic White Dragon. There are some interesting changes to game play at that level that I intend to talk about in a future post. In the fight I cast over 40 spells about 50/50 buffs and heals and offensive spells and, having defeated the Dragon at the last moment, we ended up fleeing from a more powerful foe.

I also ran an improvised session of 13th Age which went tremendously well. I improvised the session based on the backgrounds and one unique thing of each of the players. They ended up searching a great forest for a Dragon Orb so one of the players could gain her Dragon Mount and return to her role as the Emperors Dragonriding bodyguard having expunged her shame at losing her last Dragon Mount. The players fought Agents of the Lich king, Owlbears and finally a Gold Dragon to the point where it could be subdued by the Orb.

Finally we played the first session of the campaign that will replace Gav’s as our monthly game. Run by Mark this was a Swashbuckling Adventures game set in a low magic mid fantasy version of 1665 all of the players boarded ship for the new colonies in Virginia and ended up investigating a series of grisly murders aboard ship until as a cliffhanger a Spanish Galleon was sighted and the ship came under attack.

We also visited Loch Ness and Urquhart Castle (as we had visited it in the game), took a Steamship to the far side of Loch Katrine and walked the 12 mile death march back, had a lot of nice food and excellent company.