Monday, 15 October 2012

Starting Again and Nanowrimo

I have not managed to stick to my diet since I got back from Scotland and I currently am back up to 13St 13lbs. I have however managed to increase my exercise. I’m now doing Pilates, Swimming and Tai Chi in addition to my exercises and my Vibram 5 fingers shoes have arrived so I will soon re start running as well.

Today however that all changed, K8 and I are both back on Diet. I am re-reading 4 hour body to reinspire me.

Gaming wise we have not done a great deal this last week, but we have 2 sessions planned for this week: Lyrium Dreams on Tuesday and This is Thracia on Friday.

Unlike Ceri (Who’s new Blog I think is worth looking at) I am going to try Nanowrimo this year, inspired by Nataraptor and Charles’ successes last year. However  I don’t really have a good idea for a novel so I am going  write something for Gaming. Maybe a hexcrawl or adventure path type thing.  

Perhaps a 13th Age Sandbox/Armatige Files crossover.

What gaming book or novel are you waiting for an excuse to write?

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