Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Age of the Hungry Phoenix Session 10

I have been looking at a bunch of other games this last week or so and yesterday I found my notes for a session of my 13th Age Asian Game that I don’t remember running, or in fact writing.

It is written for my use rather than being properly polished I stole the idea of Gonoshans Rug Shop and the Spider Monkeys from Sagiro’s Story Hour.

I think the session lead up was due to my players wanting to investigate the bundle of prophecies that were given to them that I wrote about here: http://tohitarseclass0.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/the-prophecy-of-dawning-age.html

Overall I am pretty pleased with this session so I might try to run it in the next few weeks.

Session 10 Chasing the Prophecy
K8, Robin, Dan, John,



The Basement of Gonoshans Rug Shop

Gonoshan the Rug seller. Has a Flying Carpet on the ceiling (is actually a clever fake)
Wears a Turban, has a squint in one eye. Reluctant to let people into his basement. Might change his mind if they buy a Rug. Knows nothing about spider monkeys. Might go to summon the guards if he is intimidated or ignored.

Hidden Trapdoor.
Underground level with ramps,
Squeaking noise

Remnants of an underground Arena. Half Buried by rock that looks like it flooded the place like mud or water and then turned back to stone. After this point Spider monkeys start following the players and might pick on people who are left on their own.

Spider Monkeys 2nd level (probably about 8 add 4-5 mooks per one you take away)
(Based on Hunting Spider)

In the tunnels under the arenary bits (use the gaming paper map thingy.)
Test subject storage room. Lots of big jars full of dead half spider half monkeys and other gruesome hybrids.
2 large Pits of rats are making the squeaking noise.
There is a brand new fitted door on the far side of the room.
A flesh golem made of bits of animals (mostly bear) defends this room. It  tries to knock people into the pits full of rats. (Hard save to escape 10 Ongoing Damage as the starving rats try to eat you)

Flesh Golem Large level 4 monstrosity

Past the New Door
A weird looking arch, half Buried in rubble and solidified rock/mud to rock. Every Hour on the hour it glows and a spider monkey appears.
Arrayed in front of the arch are a series of trestle tables covered with the detritus of an alchemist's lab.
Cages of Spiders, Cages of Monkeys, lots of dead attempts at spider monkeys

Gorrilla Tarantula. Large 2nd level
(Elite Monster Spider)

Crazy Hermit that knows monkey style kung fu, with a spider monkey familiar. Level 5 dude
Init +8
AC 20/14/19
HP 70
Weaving Punch +8 vs AC 15 damage can be split up to 3 targets
Looks like he fell over but he hit you +10 vs. PD (all enemies engaged with the Hermit), 10 Punchy damage, and the target pops free of the Hermit.
Natural 20: The target is also dazed (save ends).
Throws something horrible in your eyes + 10 vs. PD (up to 2 nearby enemies in a group), 10 damage (or 20 if used against a single target), and the target loses its next move action

If freed from their cages angry spiders and monkeys will swarm all over him making him stunned until he passes a save.

He has Tsao Ling’s Ring of Alchemic power (see above) but he cannot use its advanced power yet. He has managed to use it as a focus for his transmutational Alchemy.

His Note book has a recipies for Heroic Tier Healing potions, Magical Oil, there are enough materials in his damaged lab to make one of these for each player.

The Arch is covered in strange Carvings and elven Writing.
If an Elf Touches it it glows and another spider monkey appears.
A magical theory test type thing can tell them that it is malfunctioning and if properly excavated could be a permanent gate to another part of the world. It looks as though it might be of elven manufacture.

If it would be cool to make it work then it sends them to a similar strange arch in an Elven Wood.

Tsao Ling’s Ring of Alchemic Power - One small pink stone - Lesser power: Turn any metal into any other known metal, up to 10 coin weight, 3/day - Greater power (MU 6+): Turn anything of user's mass or less into anything else of user's mass or less, 1/day
Based on Jeff’s post here: http://jrients.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/the-ten-rings-of-qwaar-axiomatic.html

Random Encounters
I use these to inform Icon relationship rolls and have a different batch for each player.

Dan - Ash (Halfling Rogue)
Diabolist 5 - The Imp from Lareth has followed them and has alerted a cult in the city to their presence seeking to gain kudos they try to kidnap Dan. (or anyone in his party to gain an opportunity to get to him) [Details of the cult]
Diabolist 6 - Warning of the Diabolists plan and how it pertains to a Prophecy. Also how she is trying to subvert the Archmages Wards.
Prince of Shadows 5 - One of Ash’s old Friends needs help with a Job.
Prince of Shadows 6 - One of Ash’s old Acquaintances has a package for him from the prince of Shadows. (A Magic Item that might help against Demons)

K8 - Halfling Troublemaker
Archmage 5 - Deliver this dangerous magic item to your uncle in the Wizards tower to help stave off another diabolist attack. (magic item is wanted by random other Icon)
Magic Item is:
Other Icon is:
Archmage 6 - Magic item sent to her as a reward for averting the attack on the tower back by Caulsrest.
Random 5 -
Random 6 -

Robin - Dragon recognises the spirit inside him.
Great Gold Dragon 5 - A Paladin has heard that Robin was given a book of secret Dragon Kung Fu and wants his help with something...
Great Gold Dragon 6 - A Paladin has heard that Robin was given a book of secret Dragon Kung Fu and wants to help him with something...
The Three 5 - an NPC that got powerful by Bathing in Dragons Blood and is terribly Scarred.His Secret is that he didn’t really defeat the dragon who’s blood he Bathed in.
The Three 6 -  As above but the guy is a dragon hunter and mistakes Robin for a Dragon Spirit

The Three 5 - an NPC that got powerful by Bathing in Dragons Blood and is terribly Scarred.His Secret is that he didn’t really defeat the dragon who’s blood he Bathed in.
The Three 6 -  As above but the guy is a dragon hunter and mistakes John for a Dragon Spirit
The Empire 5 - Agents of his father turn up looking for John
The Empire 6 - John's Dead Mother’s Ghost  turns up and gives him a magic item
Magic Item
What killed her: