Thursday, 28 March 2013

Weekend of Gaming

Today I weigh 14st 4lbs. Diet bet is going well.

The girls are off to Empire  but instead I am planning on building a fort out of boxes in the living room, Calling it my Fortress of Solitude and then ruining the solitude part by inviting a load of my mates over to play games.

Gav  is going to run a 10th level Pathfinder one shot, and I am going to run the Demo adventure for Dragon Age (as it is Tabletop Day on Saturday)

In addition to that I’m going to play a bunch of Warmachine and Hordes using Dwarven Forge as terrain.

Speaking of Dwarven Forge they have an awesome Kickstarter running at the moment. The Overseas shipping is still a little bit heavy but the sets do look cool:

My plan for the Warmachine Dwarven Forge Scenario is to co opt The longest night scenario from the Privateer Press website has some interesting special rules for zombies turning up everywhere so I’m going to import them and possibly have a neutral set of Celaphx roaming around the level.

I’ll post about how the weekend went next week. What are you doing for Easter or Tabletop day?