Monday, 25 March 2013

Nijitsu Seminar and April Diet Bet.

On Saturday despite the snow I attended a Ninjitsu Workshop by Jim at Bujinkan Reading (he also blogged about it here.)

We did a bunch of things with Bokken, both striking defending and stopping people from drawing their swords. As well as some more traditional Attacks and blocks. I also got talking to Dave one of the other Black Belts who is planning on starting a Womens Self Defence Class in Reading.

My Push-up bet for March is not going well, and as a result Last week I started Aprils Diet Bet early. before the end of April I will lose 10lbs. This time around I am joined by Lisa, Mark and Becky. Each of whom has their own targets. I have also escalated by cheating on the diet forfeit to adding £5 to the pot every time I break Diet. I currently Weigh 14st and 8lbs and will be under 14 stone before the end of Arpil.