Thursday, 21 June 2012

Diet Update and Cool Links

This week I weigh 13st 11lbs. I have lost a total of 17lbs. My total Inches are 152.

Today I helped to run an open day for a variety of my favorite Games Shops, I got to give a short talk on my experiences in the D&D Next Playtest and saw loads of my customers.

However I did slip slightly off the diet with a curry with some colleagues and customers last night and with the lunch spread at the open day. So Ant earned two forfeit points from me, bringing me 20% closer to a Mankini Nightmare.

As I have been helping to organise and run an open day I have not had as much time to write a full post this week so instead I have grabbed a selection of cool links and things I found on the internet recently.

My friend Chloe has entered a competition in The Look magazine who have apparently just extended the deadline to the 4th of July. So please go and vote for her.

Another Friend of mine Gav has several excellent books in print and has released a short story on his publisher's website to celebrate the release of his latest book War in Heaven in softcover. The Short Story is called Triangle and can be found here:

This is Thracia my ongoing D&D Next Playtest Campaign continues. This week my players visited the Haunted City of Troy and fled from unkillable Dust Zombies. Related to that I found this awesome table about Almost Indestructible Villains that my players should not worry about.

More interesting short stories can be found over at Everwalker this week including some polls on what you would like to see more of on her blog.

What is the most interesting thing you  found on the internet this week?