Tuesday, 26 June 2012


This week I am adding another level to the exercise that I do.

I already do an hour of Pilates, and an hour of Tai Chi each week.

So this week I am starting the exercises from the Injury proofing chapter of 4 hour body.

It starts with a self assessment and finding your weaker sides and limbs

Then there are 4 basic exercises that you do more of on your weaker sides.

1. The Chop and Lift
2. The Turkish Kettleball get up
3.Two-arm single-leg deadlift (2SDL)
4. Cross-body one-arm single-leg deadlift (1SDL)

Today I am doing the assessment and practicing the motions and then Thursday I start the exercises themselves.

Last week I got myself some more Dwarven Forge. I ordered The Ruins set from the EU Distributer and then On Sunday in The Games Shop found a set of the fantasy floor set.

Here are some pics of them and the D&D game we played over the weekend ran by Gav.