Monday, 18 June 2012


One of the reasons I started this blog was to help keep me on my diet track by crowd sourcing guilt trips. The theory being that I need to carry on doing it because I am telling you all about it.
This post is about extending that theory to my Dreamlines.

Dreamlining is something I read about in The 4 Hour Work Week. After my Harajuku moment I made a list of everything I wanted to do have or be in the next 6 and/or 12 months. Similar to a bucket list.

It recommends that you be over the top with the things you want and you group them into 3 categories. Things you want to Have, Do and Be (with Being actually a re wording of things you want to do).

Once you have a list of about 5 of each category you have a couple more steps, first work out how much they will cost you. Then work out the first three tasks to accomplishing each of them.

Decide which ones you want in the next 6 months and which ones you want in the next year. Then add up the costs for each thing. Add in your normal monthly outgoings and add a third for emergencies and you have the amount you need to do all the things you want to do in the next 6 months or a year. divide that down to work out your weekly or daily earning targets.

Once you have all that do the first task of the three needed to start accomplishing the things you want in the next 6 months. Do it now. Tomorrow do step 2, preferably before 11 am. Then step three the next day.

Some of the things on my list and the steps I have taken are taking are:


More Dwarven Forge
I have wanted an awesome Dwarven Forge set up since I first demoed D&D on some at UK Games Expo Since then one of my good friends, the owner of Black Lion Games in Edinburgh, was looking to sell his collection. We worked out a deal and he sent it down to me. On top of that a European distributor for it opened up and I have been eyeing up additional sets greedily.

A New Car.
I have had my Ford Fiesta for close to ten years now and it is starting to show. In addition K8 needed a car for her new Job so this weekend she purchased a Ford Focus. I’m still looking for one for me.

More Lego!
Mostly for Mobile Frame Zero. I got a long way towards this one over my Birthday weekend because I had filled my Amazon Wishlist with Lego sets that would be good for the game.

A “High tech house”.
Basically I want to be able to watch all of my media on the TV in the living room. regardless if it is on DVD my Itunes or something else.
I have been investigating Apple TV or using one of our spare or old PC’s to make a media machine and networking it all but I have not quite finished sorting it all out. I have however started a one month free Trial of Netflix, which looks like I may never have to buy a DVD again.

Laser Eye Surgery
Fairly self explanatory. So far I have investigated pricing and quality.

Doing and Being
Go to Crete
My Aunt is the pro consul in Crete and I have wanted to visit for years. So far I have emailed her to ask some advice and investigated the prices of flights and hotels.

Going to Gen Con and Pax.
I have been to Gen Con US with work Twice now and I cannot recommend it enough.  
Both of these are probably going to have to be delayed until 2013 as we have a very busy August already lined up.

Being the best larp fighter.
You may already have seen some posts about my progress with this. I had originally listed being a better Larp fighter but you don’t get better by being vague. My goal is to enter and win one of the fighting games at the next Grand Edrejan Fair and in the mean time to train and fight a lot of people who are better than me.   

Being a Martial Artist
I really missed training so I have started going to Tai Chi and K8 and I am going to investigate Local Bujinkan Dojo’s again.

Each week I look at my list and make sure I advance at least one of the things by one step. so in addition to my Diet updates you can expect to see me updating my dreamlines and where I am on accomplishing them.

What sort of things are on your Dreamlines or bucket list?


  1. Get published
    Get my book made into a film (since we're dreaming)
    Visit New Zealand

    There's nothing really substantial on the Having list. I'm pretty lucky there. It's all doing.

  2. Who would you like to direct it?

  3. Strangely enough, I did something similar at the start of this week, but called it "pulling my finger out".

    I have decided that by October, I will be in a new job if at all possible. Preferably in ecology. I applied for volunteer work to bulk out the CV yesterday. I'm applying for more tomorrow, and Thursday, I will be tarting up the CV a bit more before contacting a ecological employment agency. After that, I may start contacting folks and sending out speculative CVs.

    We decided that this job would be Chester-ish way because we want to move down that way to be closer to family, Dave's work and friends. We will have a nicer house than the one we have now (which is nice, if a bit untidy and needs more plug sockets and a refit).

    I will keep the house tidier if only because doing that keeps me level and in a better environment. Every day this week, I am sorting out a long term problem that I have put off (e.g. massive pile of mail left on the side that for whatever reason didn't get binned).

    This last winter was not good for me mentally. I don't know why, but I choose to call it a negativity spiral. It made me very world-hidey. Well that crap stops. I've decided that for a while, but I'm going to keep that up. I will be sociable, I will be positive, and I will just pull my finger out and try things. Because shy bairns don't get owt!

    1. Hey Dave,

      I like this idea a lot! I think I will steal it.

      I kind of started something similar about a month ago. I intend to enter every imaginefx monthly art challenge - to complete more work and improve my skills. I entered my first final piece last night, including a shot at the bi weekly one.

      Have a great weekend!


  4. This is ace from a "Just do it!" attitude, plans are only any good if you get to them. This is a wicked way of planning and doing! Love it ;D

    Now need to condense all the stuff I want to do in order to be able to post something ;D

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