Monday, 11 June 2012

Swordfighting Again.

After a Mega Binge day on Saturday, myself and several friends gathered in Manor Park on Sunday to hit each other with LARP weapons under the pretense of training.

10 of us got together to practice and we used a variety of the games from The Sword Book, each of which was interesting and different and made for better (or at least more entertaining) practice than just duelling each other. 

Some of the games we played were:

Cave Troll. One person is restricted to a 2 ft circular area and may choose how many hits they have. Everyone else has 1 hit per location (head, torso, arms etc) and the winner is the Troll that defeats all the opponents but started with the fewest total hits. 

Goblin horde 2/3rds of the players are warriors with 3 hits per location, everyone else is a 1 hit global Goblin. Whenever a player dies they come back as a Goblin. The team that kills the most Goblins wins.

Circle of Treachery all vs all (but with a few shields in the middle of the circle for people to try and grab at the start, if you get a shield you can then use it for the rest of the contest.)

Necromancy like Circle of Treachery but when you died people could raise you as a Zombie.

Line fighting Two equal teams face off within 2 ft of a line and when you die (2 per loc) you join the other side.

Kill the Leader 2 teams but you have to kill the opponents team leader to win. This mostly dissolved into a team fight game.

While we were practicing another friend of mine was organising a Zombie Flash mob next to us.

I have been thinking alot about my Larp fighting since my last post about it and I have been to a couple of events since then as well. Since the last set of tips, I have taken up Tai Chi again, and got several sets of practicing in. I’m also going to arrange regular practice alternating between Manor Park and a park up in Richmond.