Tuesday, 24 July 2012

City Adventures

This evening in my This is Thracia D&d Game my players have decided to once again visit the Big City; Constantinople. .

Once again I have turned to used Zak’s Vornheim book to run the session. Much like I did the first time. I have also used These series of Articles from Monsters and Manuals to make the sessions more interesting.

I started much like it suggests in the article i made up a list of NPC’s in the city. I gave them all a hook and motivation with the help of Andrea. Then I used it like a table to give each player someone they knew in the city.

Then I used a blank hex map to stick them all on a relationship map. If they ended up adjacent they knew each other. Then the session was as simple as letting the players interact with the people in the city. Each one acting as a hex would in a more traditional Hex Crawl but likely to ask for something in return for whatever the players want from them. Moving the players further out along the hex map and into more trouble.

In the course of one session the players met a Spymaster, agreed to help him rescue an informant from her pimp. Decided not to go and mess with The Wyvern of the Well, They went to watch races in the Hippodrome, Threatened a guy that was playing off one of the players reputations, Interrogated a Scholar and tried to break into a library.

This evening I am hoping for things at least as interesting.

Also here is a copy of my current big list of NPC’s covering both Canakkale (the players hometown) and Constantinople.

Players in This is Thracia should stay out.