Friday, 16 November 2012

Diet Update Magic Items and Iron Kingdoms RPG

This week I weigh 13st 10lbs. My Nano Writing has slowed right down but I am changing tack with it and will hopefully pick up pace over the weekend. I am up to 8565 Words a long way from the target.

Tonight I am starting a mini campaign of The Iron Kingdoms RPG. The players are all starting as members of a small Mercenary organisation and I am going to use a lot of the ideas from Night's Black Agents to make the campaign go. Specifically I am going to make a Conspyramid for the players to investigate and hopefully the first session will encourage them to start digging.

As the Iron Kingdoms doesn’t have traditional Vampires I am looking elsewhere to stock my conspyramid. The Nightmare Kingdom of Cryx is looking like a good candidate as are Sinister cults and the plots of Dragons.

On Sunday I will be running the last session of my Witchfire Trilogy Campaign (which I am running in Pathfinder having started it in the Warhammer Fantasy System from FFG). My prep for this session is what made me have another look at the new IK Rpg.

In the meantime here is one of the items mentioned in my Nano sample:

Gavel of Law

A +2 Slim Iron wood Gavel, about 9” long and carved with symbols of law and justice. Different owners have reported seeing carvings of different Law focused Deities upon the Gavel. With a thought it can be transformed into a  3 Foot Ironwood Warhammer +2 adding its bonuses to attack and damage.
To Attune you must catch or strike a criminal or liar.
Once per day by striking it against a hard surface you can create a zone of truth.
Once per month it can be used to “judge” someone. Attack vs MD. on a hit the target is banished off plane to a prison. At the DM’s opinion that person might come back at the head of a force of demons they have freed from that prison looking for revenge, or they could have something the players need forcing them to follow them to the prison plane. (While the target is on the prison plane the hammer counts as an additional item)
Quirk: becomes uncomfortable about breaking laws, this become an inability to do so if over attuned. (also if over attuned the bearer cannot Lie and has a poor opinion of criminals and liars.)