Thursday, 1 November 2012

Wulin societies as Icons and Starting Nano (and Diet update)

I weigh 13 St and 11 lbs. The Diet bet progresses well. Another Chap at work has joined us wagering that he will lose 12 lbs in 4 weeks.

I started my Nanowrimo entry today and you can follow my progress here:

Part of my entry is a section inspired by this post from Rob Donoghue about using the icons in different ways. That and my own 13th Age of the Hungry Phoenix campaign inspired me to write up a set of Wulin societies as Icons.

My main sources for inspiration for these was the comics for Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Heaven Sword, Dragon Sabre and bits of the Weapons of the Gods RPG and Storm Riders comics.

This is still very rough and needs some more writing to make it properly useable but even as is I think they could make an interesting foundation of a campaign. The main thing I think needs adding to them is the enemies and allies sections and to give each a goal. As it stands in 13th Age the Icons each have an agenda making it easy to extrapolate adventure ideas out of the sort of things that Icon wants.

Here is what I have for them so far:

Wulin Societies

Each Icon becomes the founder or leader of a classic Wulin society fighting for prominence in
the Jiang Hu.

Shaolin Temple
Icon easiest to draw parallels with : The Dragon Emperor
Shoalin Monks, great Kung Fu, A Righteous sect.

Icon easiest to draw parallels with: The Archmage?
Founded by 3 Mountains Chang a student of a great Shaolin Monk, His 7 students became the 7 Heroes of Wudang. Mostly Soft Martial arts, Tai Chi fist and Tai Chi Sword. Another Righteous Sect.

The Beggars Sect
Icon easiest to draw parallels with: The High Druid or the Prince of Shadows (In 13th age of the Hungry Phoenix The Prince of Shadows is the leader of this sect.)

An Unaligned sect. Made up of members from all walks of life, has both clean clothes and dirty clothes members and a wide variety of martial arts, and excellent information network. The Staff is a common weapon amongst it’s members. All of the Members have a small pouch (some of which are magical).

The Kong Tong
Icon easiest to draw parallels with: The Great Gold Dragon

According to legend the sect was founded by a Shepherd boy taught powerful magic and kung fu by a Dragon in the mountains. They specialise in discrete and unusual weapons and have a strict moral code.

Mount Hua Sect
Icon: The division speaks a little bit to The Elf Queen (needs a bit more work)
A sect internally divided by its adherents to it’s Sword skills (for which it is famed) and it’s Internal arts.

Red Tiger (Kun Lung)
formerly upright but desperate to become a wulin superpower and increasingly willing to do more and more extreme things to do so.
Icon easiest to draw parallels with: The crusader

Icon easiest to draw parallels with: The priestess

Ming Rebels
Icon: The Diabolist
An often misunderstood sect, its adherents focus more on helping people than their standing within the Jiang Hu

Non Organisational Icons in such a game could be:

The Monkey King
Fomenting mischief and chaos.
Icon easiest to draw parallels with: The prince of shadows.

The Bitter Hag
Like Jade fox from Crouching Tiger hidden dragon
Icon easiest to draw parallels with: The Diabolist

What would you make into Icons for a 13th Age game?