Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The Prophecy of a Dawning Age

My Nano entry is up to about 6000 words. As that wis what I am writing mostly at the moment todays post is a bit of that.

My Entry is inspired by The Armitage Files and The Dracula Dossier. It is a collection of Prophecies given to the players as a massive free form source of plot hooks. They then decide what they want to investigate.  I am detailing each of the people places and things mentioned in the prophecy in several different ways so that it can be used a number of ways.

So todays post is the bits of the prophecy I have written so far:

Journal entries, each on pages from the same book most torn out and separate:

This new age is dark, the people who held power before the change have fallen from grace. I am hoping that these journals will help guide the people that come later.

Serrenanathor trying to curry favor in the courts of Axis. His motivation is unclear to me. Does he seek to ingratiate himself back into the court of the Elven queen or bring her to ruin? Why was he banished from court? Who else is at work here?

Sandy arena is not haunted, it does seem to be summoning a Living dungeon from deep beneath it but the owner does not want to stop his games. Someone will need to go both down there to kill the dungeon and stop whatever is summoning it to the arena.

The burning men and that alabaster mask are hunting me, I ran across them in [place]

A Living Dungeon is growing in the graveyard of a small town northeast of Axis. We were alerted to it by one of Ash’s contacts. We got word that the Graveyard had begun to sink and when we were initially contacted it was 6 ft below the level of the surrounding countryside. We have dispatched a small team to investigate.

I Think these Living Dungeons are starting to target the people and places we are invested in, almost as if someone is using them to distract us from something. i have decided to try to get my hands on a Map of the Groaning Ground to help me track them and see if there is some sort of pattern.

The most recent owner of the Key to the Green Box has been tracked down they are [Player’s parents Name]. I fear that they do not know what they have in their possession. It is imperative that they are warned before less altruistic interests become aware of its location.

The Legate of the small town of Kannacale has gone missing, apparently there was some sort of scandal involving his wife, and adulterous barbarian and some beheadings. The adventurer and his cohorts apparently went to retrieve the wife’s head but the Judge is still missing. We have a short First hand report from a Dragonologist Scholar named Mouse that he was banished with the Gavel of Law. Possibly worth looking up this barbarian to investigate the properties of this Gavel. The Scholar was trying to research where the Gavel sent it’s victims, and mentioned that the barbarian had gone missing.

Written on the back of a wanted poster for “Black Orri Leader of the sea wolves offering a 20,000Gp Reward.

Things we still need to deal with:
The city of the east
Spider monkeys growing in Gonshans basement.
Ethereblah’s Ring of Ice was stolen from an elven messenger his body was found near The Obsidian Library.
That Shaguain pirate that walks on water.
Fire Zombies?!?

Which of these would you want to investigate if you were given this as a handout?

Follow my Nano progress here: http://www.nanowrimo.org/en/participants/davetrollkin/novels/the-prophecy-of-a-dawning-age/stats