Thursday, 4 April 2013

Weekend of Gaming

I had an extremely pleasant weekend Relaxing and playing games.

Gav gave me a copy of his new book, full review to follow. Age of Scorpio I am currently about half way through it and it is excellent.

As Saturday was #Tabletopday we played Hordes and had an ace 4 player game.

Then in the evening I ran Day After Ragnarok (a game that you should look at just because of this map) Over dinner I got each of the players to text me something they wanted to see in the adventure.

I got: Iranian Car bombing, Antartic expedition and Fighting Nazi’s/Occultists in a Norweigen Fjord.

So I started my Adventure in Tehran with the players escorting a German Mystic/Scientist who was defecting to the Commonwealth. I blew up the front car in the convoy and then started a massive combat scene with A Giant Snake an Angry Mob and lots of disguised German troops.

Several Grenades a Satchel bomb and a short chase scene later the players followed clues leading them to a secret German U-Boat base in Norway (unsurprisingly in a Fjord) Where they infiltrated the base, set explosives and unleashed a massive Wolf creature frozen in Ice.

All in all the session was brilliant.    

We also played the first Achtung Cthulhu Scenario (Their kickstarter just finished but you can still last moment pledge if you want) Dan ran that session and we bungled through the mission with quite a diverse and unfocused skill set.

Finally on Monday Gav and I played Warmachine over a board made of my Dwarven Forge which looked Epic.

All in all it was an awesome weekend.

What did you get up to?