Friday, 19 April 2013

13th Age Thracia Icon

There has been some really interesting discussion around changing the Icons in different ways. This article talks about gender flipped icons which also then change their motivation.  In my This is Thracia DnD Next game I am looking at which gods/powerful figures of the ancient age would make interesting 13th Age Icons:

This is what i have so far:

The Emperor : As he is presently cast in Thracia the Emperor of Constantinople would be more of an antagonistic Icon. His plans currently include his own Apotheosis into Godhood and to that end the outlawing of the traditional (in setting at least) Olympian Religions of the area. His would be opposed to the priestess because he is trying to make himself a god,
Axis and Constantinople have enough commonalities (or an Arena at least) to convert quite easily.

The Priestess: Perhaps an Ever Living Egyptian Princess (Cleopatra? Possibly as an embodiment of Isis) (opens up Alexander the Great as an unliving version of the Crusader?)

Santa Cora could be Cairo the the Cathedral being more of a meme or Idea connecting all of the Temples and Pyramids (like the Netherworld from Feng Shui)

The Archwizard: Ptolemy or another of the Philosophers would fit here (with a little bit of historical hand waving or life extension magics) Horizon’s equivalent city is probably therefore Alexandria. Playing through one of the Burnings of the library’s there could also make for an interesting session.

The High Druid could be Merlin in Briton or Gaul (or Nimue) or an aspect of Artemis the Huntress and as an aside an entirely Arthurian 13th age Icon set would be quite interesting, Possibly hijacking ideas from the Great Pendragon Campaign.

The Crusader should be the main character from gladiator; Maximus Decimus something or other or as mentioned above an Unliving or Everliving Crusader of Alexander the Great would set him interestingly against the Emperor.

The Three don’t need a lot of editing, Rome would make an interesting Drakkenhall and one of the players was a Dragonologist pointing to another organisation connected to the Three or the Great Gold Wyrm.

The Lich King: Ceasar or Priam the former ruler of Troy (Now the Ruler of The Haunted Ruins of Troy)

Orc Lord: Could be a Mongolian Ghengis Khan equivalent.

The Great Gold Wyrm: Connected to Dragonologists as per the Three above. Where would be an interesting place to put a hole into the abyss?

The Diabolist? A follower or Hades or more likely the pretender god Thanos trying to usurp Hades

The Elf Queen: Her Court could be in France filling Gaul with Elves or We could swap her to Ameretat from Persian mythology as the goddess ever living who looks after plants.

The Dwarf King:Like the Elf Queen all that we really need to do for him is find a place to put Anvil. Good locations could be Austria/Switzerland and the alps or The Mountains around Romania. Otherwise Finland and the Viking lands with all the norse trappings but that puts it a long way away from the campaign epicenter.

The Prince of Shadows: Venice might be an interesting Shadow Port. Again the Icon himself doesn’t need a lot of modification to drop straight into the setting.

Closer to home it would be interesting to see how this would translate into Arthurian myth:
The Priestess: The Lady of the Lake
The Arch Wizard: Merlin
The High Druid: ?
The Crusader: Lancelot
The Three: The Red, ??? and Blue Dragons of Wales and other places
The Lich King: Uther PenDragon (Arthur’s father)
The Orc Lord: The King of the French or possibly the Scots/Celts or picts depending on how far you want to bend your history
The Great Gold Wyrm: The Wygt Draga or White Dragon
The Diabolist: Morgan Le Fey
The Elf Queen: Nimue
The Dwarf King: ?
The Prince of Shadows: Mordred

Who would be your historical Fantasy Icon equivalents?