Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Diet update and 13th Age item

I weigh 14st 7lbs. I re started my Kettlebell swings yesterday morning and K8 and I trained at Reading Ninjutsu Last night.

Over the Weekend Nats ran her first session of Pathfinder which she blogged about here. I am playing an Alchemist and am already enjoying Bombing things.

Also today I have a 13th age Item and a variant monster and things that I wrote for my 13th Age of the Hungry Phoenix game.:

Mask of the Charred Zombie:

A plain slightly Charred looking porcelain mask. (or could be made of burnt wood or something similar)
Attunes as a head slot item and adds +1, 2 or 3 to MD
1 per day the wearer can remove a copy of the mask from the front of it and place it onto a corpse. This chars and animates the corpse into a Charred Zombie.
The wearer can control 2 of these zombies per Level but can make more if they have another way of wrangling them.
The mask is always warm, and becomes very hot when it’s power is used, often burning the face of the wearer.
Quirk: Over attuning causes the wearers skin to start to crisp, they become unsightly and averse to cold temperatures.

Charred Zombie

As a Zombie but it heals from Fire Damage and slowly regenerates normal damage by catching fire. I give them extra fire damage after they have been hurt. They can’t regenerate Cold Damage.