Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Stocking Fleurs Temple and 13th age session Write up.

So having made this map out of my dwarven forge, I used it for a 13th Age game on Saturday evening.

 This is what I stocked it with combined with a session summary:

The players were asked to travel to Fleur’s Temple to retrieve an Idol of the dark god of the huntsman by See’s Far Ahead a Druid in the Service of the High Druid who often takes the form of a Giant Owl.

I used the opening Icon relation ship rolls to figure out who wanted them to go on the mission and made Grimness (played by K8) who had a 6 with the High Druid to define her contact in The High Druid’s organisation. That done they set off for the mesa.

In the entrance room they found a trio of Angry Rangers (I used Gnoll Rangers with changed racial traits) and a band of Human Thugs hiding in the long left hand room. After a brief and unfortunately unsuccessful attempt to Bluff their way past them a fight ensued.

Victorious, the players discovered that the the small left room was a storeroom. In which the player found a variety of Potions, Oils and Runes. (I used the table in the 13th Age book for non cash rewards)

Up the stairs to the right was a strange broken Elven Oracular Device that the Followers of Fleur used to get information about their targets. Despite being broken it answered one question for each player after fresh blood was poured upon it. I gave them a freebie question from a 5 with the Elf Queen and had the device lie on a roll of 5 or less on a d20. The first question they asked was how to fix it and they promptly fed it blood from the recently slain Rangers granting the rest of the party a question each.

The next room contained two statues in alcoves on either wall. the left hand Statue depicted Fleur as a Dark Elf holding an unloaded crossbow, while the right hand showed him as a Wood Elf with an unloaded bow. Each alcove was carved like the environment each type of elf would hunt in.

A careful examination revealed that each statue stood on a pressure plate, in the carvings were  hidden small holes and each statue had loose Arrows or Bolts in carved quivers. Careful use of the Mage Hand Cantrip loaded each weapon and set of the trap firing darts out of the alcoves. Once both weapons were loaded a third alcove was revealed in the third wall showing a High Elven Depiction of Fleur. Another careful use of Mage hand placed a wand from it’s carved holster into the hand of the statue and revealed the Idol and it’s Guardian.

A Displacer Beast. I used the tables in the 13th age book and the ideas from the 4th ed version of the monster to make it.

Displacer Beast
Large 4th level Monster.
+11 Initiative
AC 20 (natural odd rolls miss Displacer Beasts) PD18 MD 14
HP 108
2x tentacle attacks +9 hit:14 damage
“Where the hell is it?” Once per turn; If you miss a displacer beast it can pop free and make a free tentacle attack.

Moving the Idol also caused the traps to go off again catching the players near the alcoves. Once they had the Idol and had defeated the Beast I let them retrieve the magical ammo and Wand from the Statues. They received a Wand of Aegis form the 13th age core book. 2 Arrows of Slaying and a Keen Bolt.

By the time they had finished off the beast it was beginning to get late so I slightly rushed the rest of the dungeon. If I had more time I would have filled the section hidden by Secret Doors in the southeast part of the map with Giant Spiders.

As it was I asked what the players who had unused Icon Rolls would like to find in the rest of the dungeon. Dead bodies with plot hooks were suggested so I made the south most room a cell with 2 bodies inside. On the bodies they found a torc suggesting a link to the High Druid and a Book of paintings about Ley Lines.

Then as they headed for the exit I used one of the players outstanding relationship rolls a 5 conflicted with The Emperor. I had a squad of imperial Dragon knights turn up reveal that the Idol could be used to  unleash the Wild Hunt and therefore they needed to take it into custody. K8 then asked if should step outside and made crude hooting noises. She cashed in her 6 with the High Druid and got carried off by a Giant Owl.

The rest of the part looked sheepishly at the Dragon Knights until Ash (played by Dan) piped up that he had a 5 left with the Prince of Shadows and revealed the receipt for “One Fake Idol” Signed by the Prince of Shadows that had fallen off the Idol when it was put into Grimness’ Bag.

We finished the session in a great place with a host of plot hooks dangling to make more adventures out of.

Where is the Real Idol?
What is with the book of Ley Line paintings?
Who was the dead Druid?
How will the players meet up with Grimness?