Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Red Waste Items.

Common in the Red Wastes, these weapons are often made by ritualists.

The Rituals to make these weapons were perfected by servants of The Three who were gifted the Dragon’s Blood needed to bless their weapons. It did not take long for other ritualists in the Red Wastes to reverse engineer them and use them themselves.

Dragons can tell when these weapons are close as they smell the Dragon’s blood upon them.

Burning Axe
Made from a weapon that has been bathed in the blood of or wounded a Red Dragon. Once only it can be activated to erupt in a massive blast of flame as a Fireball, (some of them are made in such a way as to not wound the wielder, others are not).

Black Mace
Much like the Burning Axe, the most important component of the ritual to create these weapons is the blood of a Black Dragon. On a hit it can cast a one shot Acid Arrow.

Blue Knife
Single use Lightning bolt, made from Blue Dragon blood. Sometimes made more potent by including Wizard Brains in the ritual.

The followers of the various Demon Lords competing to escape from the Abyss have also used the unique magic of the Red Wastes to make other magical items and consumables.

Dagon’s Demon Breath
Made primarily from the saliva of an Aquatic Demon this crude potion of water breathing leaves you unable to breathe air. Commonly used by Shaguin to kidnap air breathers to sacrifice to Dagon, the Demon Lord of Deep Water.

The Finger of Graz’zt
A black finger that attaches to your hand, pulling the finger off (and doing miss damage to yourself) casts Charm Person once as the finger shrivels to dust.

All of these items can be created with a Hard Ritual or Alchemy type check in the Red wastes once you have learned the secret to making them.