Friday, 28 June 2013

The Ruins of the Golden Citadel

Player map of the Red Wastes
Today I weigh 14st and 3lbs and have lost 6lbs.

As I talked about last time I had my players set their next level up goal and they chose:
Reaching and Securing The Ruins of the Golden Citadel

That seemed a little bit too easy to be worth a level all on it’s own so I have spent this week making it more challenging. I have the details of the map between Horizon and the ruins of the Golden Citadel and I have started to populate the Golden Citadel with Warbands who are struggling for control of the Ruins.

The lingering aura of the Great Gold Wyrm and the effects of the ruins of the Golden Dome still protects the ruins from full blooded Demons, so in their place the Demon Lords struggling to escape the Abyss empower Champions and send them into the Ruins. Such Champions are often infused with Demonic powers.

Before the Abyss opened The Citadel was protected by a Golden Dome enchanted to ward away supernatural evil. The rubble from this dome still litters the ruins of the city and many of the warbands search for it either to empower or weaken the wards around the abyss.

My players will earn incremental advances for the following mini goals:
Getting to the Citadel
Defeating a Warband
Getting a Warband on your side
Defeating or Recruiting half the Warband
Getting enough of the dome metal to do something cool with the Wards.

The Warbands that are struggling for control of the Ruins are:
The Author of Wrong Birthed - Mind Flayer Champion of a Demon lord
The Altar's Most High Overlord - Medusa Champion of a Demon Lord
The Dragon of Fear - Halfling Wizard Champion of Demon lord
The Preservers of the Perfect Doom - Sea Hag Champion of a Demon Lord
Demon Hunters working for the Priestess (This guy should blatantly be a “good guy” but be slightly distasteful or repulsive to work with.)
Paladins loyal to the Great Gold Wyrm
A Necromancer -
Lizardmen, Draconians etc led by a Dragon working for the Three
Goblinoids - because I like Goblins
Ratmen with a Prince of Shadows theme (Skaven Ninjas)
Gnolls Reformed and Branded by the Crusader (Think a hairy Solomon Kane)
Dwarf Treasure Hunters
Dark Elves - Hunters playing the ruins for sport

I have used this Villain Generator (and the Automated version is here) for the first 4 and am in the process of adding detail to the others. My plan is to have for each of them:

Leader: Name and Cool Schtick
Agenda: Why they are in the ruins
Secret: because that makes them more interesting
Henchmen and followers: troops and specials
Base and other resources in the city: I’m going to use Vornheim and Mordheim to make these.

What details or followers would you add to these warbands? Please keep adding details to my Hex Map: