Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Alternatives to carousing.

So I use the Carousing rules found here:

So far this has caused alot of interesting roleplay and  stuff but several of the Religious type characters don’t like the idea of Carousing, but might like to do offerings to the gods or go fighting in the arena.

So I am working on these as alternatives (all inspired by the above carousing mishap table)

Alternate Carousing activities
Hosting a religious ceremony
Splash a bunch of cash on incense and donations and stuff. Just like carousing the amount you can spend and therefore the amount of XP you can gain is limited by the size of the place you start your adventure.
Village or small town: 1d6 x 100 gp and xp
Town or Holy Day d8 x 150
Cathedral d10 x 200
The Holy City! d12 x 250

Clerics  who are active members of the local temple can spend 50gp more per pip if they so desire.

If you roll over your level or can’t afford the cash roll on the following table. (you can borrow money from allies or the Mob if you can’t afford it) If you can’t afford it you spend all of your money and only gain half of the xp reward as well as rolling on the table.

If the player can come up with a clever way of getting out of the result then let them make a roll to avoid the trouble.

1) Make a fool of yourself in public. Gain no XP. Roll Charisma check or gain reputation in this town as being out of favor with the Gods.
2) Gods are offended. Roll to see which God.
3) Come to the attention of a mystery Cult
4) Plea for charity (spend more cash)
5) Offend local Nobility
6) offend Local High Priest
7) Sign from on high, double cost of future Religious ceremonies
8) Quest or Geas
9) romance?
10) Mistaken Identity
11) Speak in Tongues spout a random prophecy

Training in the Arena
As above donate some cash (wagers, bribes, entry fees etc) and take part in some gladiatorial activities. spend is limited again:
Village or small town: 1d6 x 100 gp and xp
Town  d8 x 150
City d10 x 200
The Hippodrome or the Colosseum d12 x 250

Gladiatorial types who are members of the local guild can spend 50gp more per pip if they so desire.

If you get over your level you get messed up.
Roll on the following table. Again clever player action and a successful roll might negate the penalties.

1) Cursed by Ares
2) Blessed by Ares
3) Chariot Race
4) Wild Animals
5) Gambling debts
6) Asked to throw a match
7) Mob trouble
8) face/heel change
9) Lose horribly
10) Win but expected to fight again
11) Debt
12) Romance
13) Offend a Noble
14)  Mistaken Identity
15) Young monster takes a liking to you and tries to follow you home
16) Accidentally Kill a fellow Gladiator or member of the crowd

So now I am looking for more ideas to fill these tables, any ideas?